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Israel’s New Agreement with the United Arab Emirates

JFNA brings you expert analysis, insight and articles on the Israeli-Emirati agreement

Introducing Israel's New Joint Government-Philanthropy NGO Relief Fund

We are #FedProud of overseas partner JDC for establishing a historic milestone in government-philanthropic cooperation with the creation of the Joint Government-Philanthropy NGO Relief Fund. This fund represents not only a vital financial lifeline to struggling Israeli NGOs but is also a sta…

JFNA webinar resources | Israel and Annexation of the West Bank

We recently produced a webinar called Annexation: Will Israel apply sovereignty to areas of the West Bank, and what repercussions can we expect?


You can view the recording here and brush up on the details of Israeli policy in the West Bank with this Fact Sheet.


Other relevant reso…

Around the World with JDC Forums

With operations in 70 countries, the JDC Forums, a recent series of videos from Federation partner JDC takes you around the world to meet field professionals and beneficiaries to learn the impact of emergency dollars, including from the Federation collective and individual communities.  Vis…