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#FedProud in the New Year

Happy 2021! There is no doubt that as we look back at 2020 we remember too many significant and painful losses and the many ways our community came together to meet the challenges brought by COVID-19. Amidst the sorrow, there is much we can take pride in.

Israel Welcomes Hundreds of New Olim from Ethiopia

The flight, coordinated by The Jewish Agency for Israel, the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and the Ministry of Interior, landed Thursday morning at Ben Gurion Airport as part one of Operation Zur Israel, Ethiopian family reunification after more than a decade of separation.

Federations Organize Special Knesset Session on UAE Jewish Community

This week, JFNA organized a special session in Israel’s parliament together with the Knesset’s Aliyah, Integration and Diaspora Affairs Committee, on the emerging Jewish community in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to Chief Rabbi of the UAE Yehuda Sarna and JFNA President & CEO …

Wilf Family Foundation Completes New Home for Israeli Holocaust Survivors

Last week the Jewish Agency for Israel announced the completion of a new social housing project — a feat made possible thanks to the generosity of Mark Wilf, who serves as chair of the Board of Trustees for the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), and the Wilf Family Foundation. The…

Happy Sigd!

Next week the Ethiopian Jewish community will celebrate Sigd, an ancient holiday observed 50 days after Yom Kippur on the 29th of the Hebrew months of Cheshvan, thought to be the day on which God first revealed Himself to Moshe. 


Sigd comes from the word Sigda, which means “to pray t…