It’s Moments Like This

It’s the 24th of February. While bombs fly overhead in one part of the world, Jewish leaders nearly 5,000 miles away raised tens of millions of dollars within weeks to support the Ukrainian community. It’s moments like this that we are reminded of the power of our community.

But we didn’t spring into action the day the war broke out in Ukraine.

We work year-round, building community in more than 70 countries so that in moments of calm we see Jewish life flourish and in moments of crisis we are ready to spring into action. You - our Jewish community - are the reason we are able to support so many, so quickly in moments like this.

And while we know there is more to do, in this moment as we look back we thank you - for your leadership, your commitment, your impact.

    It’s moments like this that remind us who we are and why we’re here.

Photo Credit on this page:

Olivier Fitoussi for the The Jewish Agency for Israel, Eyal Warsavsky for Jewish Federations of North America, Max Dinshtein for The Jewish Agency for Israel, Pawel Konarzewski for The Jewish Agency for Israel