We are here lobbying and advocating for the people who need us.

As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, we continue advocating for those who desperately need the power of our united voice. We raise our voices in DC to help us bring refugees that need a safe place here to the United States.


people received humanitarian assistance, relief, or support


received medical care


meals distributed


medical and mental health professionals trained


supported in making Aliyah


Ukrainians helped to find refugee in the United States

Meet Lindsey

Lindsey Glantz, past co-chair of National Young Leadership Cabinet, arrived in DC within the first week of the war in Ukraine. Through her leadership training, she knew that she had the power to make an impact on the lives of many. With Jewish Federations, she lobbied Congress to ensure appropriate funding and regulations in order to help Ukrainians in need. Her voice made a difference for 180,000 Ukrainians who found refuge in the US.