Federation Impact

From Our Leadership: Harvey is Our Call to Reflection and Action

The Hebrew month of Elul marks a period of deep introspection leading up to the High Holidays known as cheshbon hanefesh, an “accounting of one’s soul” and actions during the previous year. It is not meant to be merely an intellectual exercise; positive, corrective action is required …

Education for the 22nd Century: How World ORT Sustains Jewish Life in Rome

“Growing up as a Jew in the capital of Christianity is not an easy thing. You always feel different. But you also feel a part of something.”


For Shirel, Rome is not just history; it’s also her home. Jews have lived in the Eternal City for 21 centuries, through golden ages and ghet…

Helping Single Parents Stay Connected

One out of every three children will be raised in a single-parent home.

To help local families stay connected to the Jewish community, the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit started SPARC (Single Parents Alliance and Resource Connection). This innovative program connects parents li…

Music from Hell: World ORT Compiles Largest Archive of Music from the Shoah

It was the perfect assignment for a lifelong music aficionado—compose a note for the London Symphony Orchestra about the famous German conductor who had been invited to perform. But Clive Marks just couldn't do it.


 “I didn’t know how he acted during World War II,” Clive says. …

Yafit: An Ethiopian-Israeli Woman of Valor

When Yafit was seven, she and her family began to walk. This journey to escape famine and persecution took them from their village in Ethiopia to Israel. For a month and a half, they scaled mountains and forded rivers, moving in silence to avoid the attention of robbers and kidnappers.