Federation Impact

A Furry Friend Helps Heal Post-Conflict Trauma

Five-year-old Guy has spent his entire young life in Ashkelon, an Israeli city only miles from the Gaza border. He knows what to do when sirens warning of incoming rockets wail: run to the nearest safe room as quickly as possible and hide.

During Operation Protective Edge, when a rocket …

Michelle’s Tradition of Giving with Women’s Philanthropy

Growing up in a tight-knit Jewish community, giving tzedakah wasn't just a hobby for Michelle--it was a way of life.

Now she's giving back in a much bigger way--together with so many other Jewish women in Women's Philanthropy.

"It's so powerful to see so many dynamic women...say, 'gi…

A Match Made by Federation

What happens when a Jew from Mexico locks eyes with a Jew from Israel across a crowded room?

Marcos and Shlomit were perfect strangers when they met at a Federation event for young adults. But their shared love for Jewish community quickly became the foundation of an international romance.…

Helping the World Over

With partners operating in more than 70 countries around the world, odds are you’ll run into Federation somewhere on your travels. From North Africa to South Asia, Latin America to East Africa, we’re on the ground and we’re making a difference.

Sheri and Steve, two longtime Federatio…

Recovering After the Flood

Whenever there’s a call for volunteers in her community, Federation supporter Julie Constantine-Kohlhaas is there. But after a natural disaster cost her family their home, belongings and even lifelong friends, Julie suddenly found herself on the other side of the equation. 

“We’ve a…