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Helping Lions ensure their Jewish legacy for generations to come.

Behind every Lion pin is a woman. A story. A legacy. A future.

Lions of Judah wear their pin proudly – knowing that it’s an internationally recognized symbol of her philanthropy, commitment, Jewish values, and sisterhood. But the pin, as valuable as it is, doesn't have the power to share what being a Lion really means.  

But, what happens when the pin gets passed down?

Lions now have the opportunity to pass on their legacy to the women of their family - the women they know and those who will come after.

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Lion Behind the Pin helps Lions leave a legacy when they leave behind a pin.

This Lion Behind the Pin toolkit serves to guide them on a journey of self-reflection to define their values, designate their pin, and endow the future of their community. Meet some of the Lions who helped inspire its creation.

Federations may request localized personalization to this video by clicking here.

Here’s how to bring the Lion Behind the Pin Kit to your Community

Thanks to the generosity of the Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation and to the Memphis Jewish Federation for launching this incredible initiative, Jewish Federations of North America is proud to provide these toolkits as a gift to your community. You will have an opportunity quarterly to order these kits, and all you have to do is pay for shipping. Each community is eligible to order enough kits for every Lion in their community as well as any additional Lions they estimate they will gain over the next year.

Check out the available resources.

Write Your Legacy Letter

Endow Your Lion Gift

Designate Your Lion Pin

Endow a Next Gen Lion

Order Your Kit

Kits can be ordered on a quarterly basis. Dates include:
First Quarter: March 29-April 12, 2023
Second Quarter: June 15-29, 2023
Third Quarter: September 15-29, 2023
Fourth Quarter: December 15-29, 2023