We help those in need, providing care that can change lives


We are a source of comfort and care for those in need.

Federation supports one of the largest, strongest and most enduring networks of social services in North America, ensuring that everyone in our communities can live with dignity.


We fund skilled providers who expertly care for homebound seniors and for people of all ages with disabilities. Counselors who help troubled families overcome difficulties. And programs that help struggling adults put food on their tables and pay their rent. 

In Washington, D.C., we’re a powerful advocate for policy changes and reforms that improve quality of life and services for the most vulnerable.


We’ve provided tens of thousands of ailing Holocaust survivors – one of three of whom live in poverty – with home health care, housing, nutrition and transportation services. And we provide support for older adults who have been impacted by trauma. Stocked the shelves of hundreds of food pantries. Helped make thousands of schools, camps, synagogues and community centers more accessible and inclusive. 

During times of economic downturn and crisis, donors often became recipients, and Federation was there to help, retraining thousands of unemployed people for new careers and allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and loans to enable everyone from students to single mothers get back on their feet.

When it matters most we lobby in Washington to support a strong nonprofit sector in America and to help the most vulnerable. From the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to provisions that support Medicare and the expansion of the CARES Act, we have helped pass groundbreaking legislation to enable a vital vibrant civic life in which our Jewish communities can thrive.

Our communities thrive when everyone’s needs are met. We’re here to serve — with compassion and respect.