Around the world, we help the needy and nurture Jewish life


We support and strengthen Jewish life wherever Jews live around the world.

At Federation, our global reach is unparalleled. We’ve built and sustained programs in more than 70 countries, ensuring that Jewish communities everywhere are vibrant and resilient.


We deliver critical aid to vulnerable populations – the elderly, the disabled, at-risk children, impoverished families – during times of peace and times of conflict.

Where Jewish expression has been suppressed, we are rebuilding community infrastructure. Helping Jews reconnect with their heritage. And empowering the next generation of promising young Jewish leaders.


Amid rising anti-Semitism, Jews in Europe and around the world know they can rely on our unwavering support and security expertise.

And where Jewish life is experiencing a renaissance, we’re there to nurture it. In parts of Europe, North Africa and the Caribbean, we’re helping dozens of burgeoning synagogues and groundbreaking community centers. At workshops, retreats, and summer and winter camps, we’re supporting thousands of young Jews as they forge new paths for their communities.

Because no matter where we live, we are all part of one global Jewish family.