Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care

The 2018 JFNA Training Workshop!


The focus of this year's Training Workshop will be on infusing a Person-Centered, Trauma-Informed (PCTI) culture across all agency programs and operations. We have secured the premier expert on this topic, Dr. Ken Epstein from the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Dr. Epstein leads the department's Trauma-Informed Systems initiative and is transforming the organization into a healing organization – for both clients and staff. We look forward to hearing Dr. Epstein’s inspiring message and learn about his suggested actionable steps to implement PCTI at work.



This Training Workshop is geared toward executive leadership and staff with the ability to implement organizational change. Bravo and Charlie subgrantees are required to send at least one participant. Alpha subgrantees and others are welcome, but not required to attend.


A draft agenda can be downloaded here.


Who We Are & What We Do 


The JFNA Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care aims to expand person-centered, trauma-informed (PCTI) supportive services for Holocaust survivors. PCTI care is a holistic approach to service provision that promotes the dignity, strength, and empowerment of trauma victims by incorporating knowledge about the role of trauma in victims’ lives into agency programs, policies, and procedures.


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March 1, 2018: Implementation for grant period begins



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