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  • 75 Years of Independence.

  • 75 Years of Partnership.

  • 75 Years of Connection.

There are a million reasons to join us this year. But if you’re looking for some, we’ve got 75.

      Because you celebrate Israel.
      Because you’re connected to Israel.
      Because you care about Israel.
      Because you understand Israel.
      Because you want to understand Israel.
      Because you support Israel.
      Because you remember when Israel was not around.
      Because you always want Israel around.
      Because you love Israel.
      Because you believe in Israel.
      Because you’ve never been to Israel.
      Because it’s been too long since you’ve been back.
      Because you go to Israel every year.
      Because you’re a Jewish communal leader.
      Because you’re curious about Israel.
      Because you love an Israeli.
      Because your family lives there.
      Because Israel is family.
      Because you haven’t been since before 2020.
      Because you haven’t been since your bar/bat mitzvah.
      Because you’ve never had a bar/bat mitzvah.
      Because your grandfather always wanted you to go.
      Because your grandmother wants to go with you.
      Because you believe in showing up.
      Because you’ve never tried authentic hummus.
      Because there’s nothing like the sunset in Tel Aviv.
      Because you’ve heard the rumors about the Tel Aviv nightlife.
      Because you want to check out the bohemian vegan paradise.
      Because you want to connect with Israelis.
      Because you want to pray at the Kotel.
      Because you want to drink really good coffee.
      Because you want to drink really bad Arak.
      Because your children told you you have to go.
      Because you’ve never seen the Knesset.
      Because you’ve never heard an Israeli politician speak in person.
      Because you want to hear the siren on Yom HaZikaron.
      Because you’ve never celebrated Israel’s independence in Israel.
      Because nobody does barbecues like Israelis.
      Because of the rich history.
      Because it’s part of your soul.
      Because you pray in its direction every day.
      Because shuk food is the BEST food.
      Because there ain’t no party like an Israeli party.
      Because you support LGBTQ+ pride.
      Because you love your Partnership community.
      Because you studied abroad in Israel during college and it changed your life.
      Because you want to experience more than just the headlines.
      Because you grew up alongside Israel.
      Because you have never experienced not being a minority.
      Because fighting for religious pluralism is important to you.
      Because Israel has the most delicious produce EVER.
      Because Israel is your homeland.
      Because you have fond memories of your Birthright trip.
      Because you never got around to that Birthright trip
      Because you want to be able to advocate for Israel.
      Because you love a good arts and culture hub.
      Because you love King David’s psalms.
      Because there’s nothing better than milk and honey.
      Because there’s no better innovation hub.
      Because bridge building is your middle name.
      Because you never quite made aliyah, but always wanted to.
      Because you identify as an Israeli-American.
      Because the Hebrew language makes your heart sing.
      Because you could never forget Jerusalem.
      Because there’s no beach like Gordon Beach.
      Because you feel part of her story.
      Because innovation pumps through your veins.
      Because you’re passionate about its diversity.
      Because your skin yearns for the dead sea.
      Because you’re craving Jewish community.
      Because you’ve never been to Latrun.
      Because you’ve never celebrated a holiday in Israel.
      Because you want your kids to spend a year there after high school.
      Because you believe in the Jewish future.
      Because you are a strong Jewish leader.

Looking for More Information on the General Assembly in Israel?

The Israel at 75 General Assembly will take place from April 23-26 and promises to provide an authentic and immersive Israel experience in celebration of Israel’s 75th birthday. Leaders and community members from around the world will come together to do the work in strengthening our relationship - in politics, in communities, and in person. The Israel at 75 General Assembly is a meaningful platform for discussing some of the most important issues of the day all while marking this important milestone.

The Schedule

The Israel at 75 General Assembly will take place in April of 2023 and promises to provide an authentic and immersive Israel experience in celebration of Israel’s 75th birthday. Programming will take place from the evening of Sunday, April 23 through the evening of Wednesday, April 26 in multiple locations across Tel Aviv and central Israel.

Sunday, April 23

6-8:00PM Reception, 8-9:30PM Opening Ceremony
Arrival Beginning at 4:30PM

Join Jewish Federations, Keren Hayesod, The Jewish Agency for Israel, and the World Zionist Organization at the Tel Aviv International Convention Center to kick off our Israel at 75 celebration! Strolling dinner, drinks, and a chance to hear from top North American and Israeli leadership. Speakers will include Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog.

Monday, April 24th

Monday’s Conference April 24 at 8:30AM-4:15PM

Participants will have the opportunity to choose from high-level sessions focused on three thematic tracks: Innovation in connecting North Americans with Israel, Innovation in strengthening Israeli society, and Israeli innovation driving global change. The gathering will end will a special assembly. Lite breakfast and full lunch will be served.

Yom Hazikaron Ceremony with Masa Israel Journey April 24 at 7-10:00PM
Arrival Beginning at 5:30PM

From the Convention Center, we will join over 4,000 participants to observe Yom Hazikaron, Israel Memorial Day, with a special English-language ceremony at Latrun, the site of fierce fighting during the 1948 War of Independence. Space is limited.

Tuesday, April 25th

Yom Hazikaron Site Visits April 25 at 11:00AM-2:30PM
Buses Depart Hotels Beginning at Approx 9:30AM

Join Israelis and mark this most somber and difficult day on the Israeli calendar for a moving Yom Hazikaron experience like no other.

Yom Ha’Atzmaut Transition Party April 25 at 7:30PM
Buses Depart Hotels Beginning at 7:00PM

Jewish Federations of North America and Combined Jewish Philanthropies (Boston Federation) are teaming up to host an incredible Independence celebration at Hanger 11 in Tel Aviv! Join close to 1,000 participants as we mark the transition between Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut. You’ll have the chance to sample foods from all over Israel, drink, dance, and celebrate with a live band playing Israeli and American covers! Space is limited.

Wednesday, April 26th

Yom Ha'Atzmaut BBQ and Outdoor Festival April 26 at 10:30AM – 2:30PM
Departure at 9:30AM

Join us at Neot Kedumim, a beautiful biblical nature reserve. In addition to music, an Israeli-style BBQ, and Israeli dancing, you’ll learn how olive oil is made, what herbs were used for medicinal purposes in biblical times, and even make your own pita bread! We’ll conclude with reflections from the week and messages from our leadership.

Voices of Israel Concert presented by the Greater Miami Federation and The Jewish Federations of North America April 26 from 8:00PM–10:00 PM
Gates open at 7:30 PM

JOIN the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, The Jewish Federations of North America, and other community missions to mark Israel’s milestone anniversary at an unforgettable private concert under the open sky in Caesarea!
*Please note departure times may change due to road closures and holiday traffic.

Meet our Chairs

Jeffrey A. Schoenfeld

Israel at 75 General Assembly Co-Chair

Shawna Goodman Sone

Israel at 75 General Assembly Co-Chair

Want to Learn More About the National Mission?

Join us April 19-26 for an immersive and meaningful experience around Israel. The Mission will lead up to and be inclusive of the entire General Assembly. Don’t miss out - reserve your spot today!

We can’t think of any reason not to join us. Can you?