Federations and Philanthropy news update, May 11, 2015

Israeli emergency workers officially close the IDF field hospital in Nepal. A donate button posted at the top of social media users’ Facebook pages raises $15 million for Nepal relief efforts.

National Young Leadership helps match 4th bone marrow donor to patient

National Young Leadership helped match its fourth bone marrow donor to a patient in need through Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation. Jewish donors are in high demand, and NYL has helped add more than 180 names to the donor pool through a partnership at past TribeFest gatherings.

Campaigners Mission brings Annual Campaign group to Israel in July

Campaigners Mission will bring its second group of solicitors and Annual Campaign leaders to Israel July 6-12 to learn the latest campaigning techniques and see firsthand the impact of Federations’ work across Israel’s south. More than 80% of participants successfully increased gifts in…

Hebrew U & Federations help aspiring lawyers with Middle East legal issues

Institute for Law and Policy at Hebrew University in Jerusalem is partnering with Federations to offer a new course that helps aspiring American lawyers develop an in-depth understanding of legal complexities in the Middle East. Made possible by the Washington, D.C.-based Israel Forever Foun…

Health & Long-Term Care Summit, May 20-21, helps capitalize on funding

Health and Long-Term Care Summit, to be held May 20-21 in Cleveland, OH, helps Federations and their partner agencies capitalize on $8 billion of state and federal funds available for social services annually. The conference enables Federations to share best practices, build new skills and c…