North American Rabbis just returned from a mission to Jewish Buenos Aires

Rabbis from across North America just returned from a Rabbinic Cabinet mission to the Jewish community in Buenos Aires.

Profoundly affected by more than 15 years of economic instability, Argentina’s 241,000 Jews receive critical assistance from Federations’ partners.

Berman Jewish Databank meets on data acquisition + preservation guidelines

The Berman Jewish Databank held its first oversight committee meeting to create guidelines on data acquisition, methodological disclosure and digital preservation.

The Databank, funded in part and managed by Federations, holds more than 375 surveys and studies of North American Jews, includ…

Ukraine Mission participants, June 14-18, to witness the impact of our work

Ukraine mission participants will travel to Dnepropetrovsk from June 14-18 to witness the impact of our work on the lives of Ukrainian Jews caught in the ongoing conflict.

To date, Federations have allocated more than $4 million to help 7,000 internally displaced people, more than 3,000 Jew…

Our partners in Nepal are providing aid to thousands of quake survivors

Nepal Relief Version2  Facebook Banner

Our partners on the ground in Nepal are providing shelter, food and medical care to tens of thousands of vulnerable earthquake survivors.

They are also part of an effort to ship nearly 32,000 pounds of humanitarian supplies to a Kathmandu hospital. Support Federations’ Nepal Relief Fund.