One Constant Thing in Times of Crisis

“Completely alone.”


That’s how Anna Kushnir has felt since fighting broke out in her town of Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine last year. Amid constant gunfire and mortars, her beloved husband of over 50 years died unexpectedly. Every house in her town has been destroyed, replaced with flimsy bungalows. Residents are advised not to go outside because of the active mines that now line the streets.


Anna once looked forward to using her pension to help others. Now, the cost of living has skyrocketed so high she can no longer meet even her own basic needs. Fortunately, Federation partner the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is there.


Relieving Desperate Need


Anna is one of the tens of thousands of elderly Jews in conflict-torn eastern Ukraine who rely entirely on JDC to survive.  Providing food, clothing, medicine, home supplies and financial assistance to Ukraine’s Jewish community in its time of crisis, JDC’s support is one constant source of comfort in an otherwise nightmarish situation.


“From the Bottom of My Heart”


Though Anna doesn’t know if fighting will return or what her future holds, she knows that whatever happens, she can count on JDC. “From the bottom of my heart, my whole soul, I want to thank you for coming here and helping,” she said.


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