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How RAJMN Creates Community in Minnesota

Ilana Voladarsky, founder and executive director of Russian American Jews in Minnesota (RAJMN), was lucky, she said. She grew up in Lviv, Ukraine, in a family that felt proud to be Jewish and didn’t hide their identity. “My grandmother raised me to embrace being Jewish,” she said. “…

We Are From the Garden

We are from the garden, we are from the flood,
We are from the angels singing all you need is love.
We are from the mountain and the hope blowing on the wind
We are from the Holy One within.
We are from the wondering, we are from the dream,
We are from the fight to understand what freedom me…

Video: Meet the Founder of Shalom Education Center

December marks the 33rd anniversary of the landmark Freedom Sunday for Soviet Jews march in Washington, D.C. JFNA is proud to partner with the Genesis Philanthropy Group to engage Russian-speaking Jews across North America in rich and meaningful experiences that strengthen their communities…

Remembering the Emigration of Soviet Jewry

Building on years of work by local Jewish Federations, synagogues, schools, community centers and more, JFNA's partnership with Genesis Philanthropy Group will help ensure that Russian-speaking Jews in North America are able to access the very best of Jewish communal life. Read more from JF…