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Crisis in Ukraine: Our Impact

See the Impact of Jewish Federations

Our Six Focus Areas in Ukraine

  • Refugee Relief and Resettlement

    We are there, at the borders, supporting and caring.

  • Immigration and Absorption in Israel

    For many, Israel is the next best home. We are there.

  • Aiding Jews in Russia and Belarus

    Our work looks at the entire impact of communities in Europe.

  • Advocacy

    We are here lobbying and advocating for the people who need us.

  • Volunteerism

    Our leaders proudly volunteered their time to support those in need.

  • Humanitarian Aid

    For those who stayed in Ukraine, we are there too with critical resources.

Our Impact in Ukraine

Learn more about the services we provide, the people we help, and the volunteers that make it happen.

Meet the People We Impact

Jewish Federations have provided humanitarian assistance, relief, and support for over 507,000 refugees.

Meet the People who Make it Happen

Jewish Federations are inspired by our network of volunteers and the work of our partner organizations working around the clock to support the people of Ukraine.

Our Advocacy for Ukraine on Capitol Hill

We continue to advocate for the people of Ukraine on Capitol Hill.

Check out our Ukraine Impact Report

Our Ukraine report includes statistics of our allocations and a more in-depth look at our impact throughout the crisis.

Consider making a donation today that supports the people of Ukraine. 

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