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Executive Director - Des Moines

Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines Waukee IA

The Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines’ (“the Federation”) mission is to enrich Jewish living through connection, education, and compassion. The Federation coordinates and supports the efforts of a diverse number of organizations and synagogues as well as offers a wide range of programs and services that address the needs of the Jewish community, both in the United States and abroad. The leadership includes a Board of Governors (“the Board”) and professional staff who guide the organization, oversee initiatives, and ensure that fiscal responsibilities are upheld. The Federation is at the core of the Greater Des Moines community, which includes cities in Central Iowa, and also provides targeted support, as needed or requested, to other Iowa cities located throughout the state. The diverse efforts of individual organizations are coordinated, while central fundraising is budgeted and allocated to fund priority community needs. The heart of the mission is to serve the local and global Jewish community’s diverse needs and interests.


From early childhood through 12th grade, the Federation supports highquality education. Gan Shalom Pre-School, Beit Sefer Shalom, and Engman Camp Shalom help build a sense of Jewish identity and enable youth of all faiths to enjoy learning in a nurturing environment.

Jewish Family Services provides critical support to growing families, recent Jewish immigrants, and senior citizens by offering emergency resources, social programs, and helping vulnerable community members stay connected, healthy, and secure in their homes.

The Federation serves as the voice of the Jewish community, thanks to the Jewish Community Relations Commission. By communicating through the Jewish Press and other tools, the Commission supports Jews here at home and in Israel. Community building is also supported through Partnership2Gether and our Israeli sister city, Akko.

The Iowa Jewish Historical Society and Iowa Holocaust Memorial preserves our Jewish heritage, memorializes the destruction of the European Jewish community in the Holocaust, and recognizes the survivors that immigrated to Iowa.

The pillars support the Jewish community in Greater Des Moines and Jewish communities in Israel and around the world by strategic cooperation with committees, synagogues, and organizations. The Federation serves as an effective voice representing Jewish interests with combined strength. It has an overriding purpose of building and maintaining a strong Jewish community. The Federation is the central fundraising, planning, and human resource development organization of the Jewish community. It serves to maintain and strengthen cooperation and understanding between the Jewish community and the general community. The Federation is at the heart of Jewish life in the Greater Des Moines area providing social services and connecting Jews locally and abroad. To learn more about the Federation, please visit www.jewishdesmoines.org.

The Federation’s Executive Director is ultimately accountable for the successful achievement of the Federation’s vision and mission. Reporting to the Board of Governors, this person is responsible for the development, strategic planning, and administration of Federation operations. The Executive Director has the authority and overall responsibility for fundraising, providing executive leadership, and for the ultimate success of the Federation. The Executive Director of the Federation also serves as the Executive Director of the Des Moines Jewish Foundation with responsibilities akin to those of the Federation. Given this, the Executive Director is significantly involved with most Foundation solicitation. The ideal candidate will have conceptual, strategic, and tactical ability, and be able to develop and work on multiple projects contemporaneously. This leader will be a visible, involved member of the community. Above all, this person will have a true passion for the Federation’s mission with the strategic, analytical thinking, and team-building skills necessary to lead it into a strong future and address the needs of the local and world Jewish communities.


FUND DEVELOPMENT: Initiates and executes fresh, strategic fundraising plans.

  • Identifies strategies and contributors for Jewish Tzedakah and cultivation of the Federation’s All-in-One Campaign (“Campaign”) volunteers;
  • Provides guidance and support to the Board of Governors and Campaign Committees for resource identification and development in support of the Federation;
  • Communicates, promotes and strengthens Board and committee understanding about local, national, and global needs to be met through the Campaign funds;
  • Oversees all aspects of fund development, bylaws, tax status, and Board activities related to Federation campaigns and solicitations; and
  • Develops awareness of the Federation as one of the primary priorities of the Jewish community.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: Oversees all central planning efforts of the Federation.

  • Develops and updates strategic and long-term plans identifying changes that are likely to occur in the community and prepares the Federation to meet the challenges and opportunities of change;
  • Provides leadership in the planning process to determine the future social, cultural, and educational needs of the Jewish community as well as the financial resources that will be necessary to meet those needs;
  • Identifies trends impacting the health and sustainability of the Federation and leads appropriate action to address any issues;
  • Maintains and manages the Federation budget in partnership with the Controller and Executive Management Team, along with regular and routine reporting to the Board of Governors on the results and status of those activities; and e. Creates and implements a young leadership program.

GOVERNANCE: Serves as the liaison between the Board and the committees to fulfill and exceed the requirements and directives of the Board.

  • Acts as primary liaison and contact with the committees and affiliates of the Federation; attends the majority of committee and appropriate sub-committee meetings;
  • Actively informs the Board about the available resources to, and the financial status of, the Federation as well as financial trends, potential problems, and opportunities that may affect financial status;
  • Oversees leadership-training opportunities for volunteers to become more knowledgeable about, and skillful in, serving the Federation and the community, as well as to assure continuity in leadership; and
  • Assists Board officers and committee chairs in the identification and selection of individuals for specific service as officers, Board, and committee volunteers.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Serves as President of the Jewish Community Relations Council, and works cooperatively with the rabbis, congregational leadership, and others involved with the welfare of the Jewish community.

  • Fosters communication and relationships in the Jewish community and advances understanding of Federation activities and Jewish community service in the general community;
  • Manages content and supervises production of community publication The Jewish Press, including soliciting advertising support and working to increase circulation;
  • Develops and disseminates communications and promotes education on behalf of the Federation in response to domestic and international events involving Jewish communities, anti-Semitism, and other issues impacting the Jewish community;
  • Develops and expands relationships on behalf of the Federation with regional, national, and global agencies that are involved in Jewish community services and Israel advocacy (e.g., P2G, JFNA, etc.); and
  • Collaborates with people and organizations working toward the welfare of the general greater Des Moines community, including other voluntary health, welfare, educational, religious, and cultural organizations, general community central organizations and central community planning bodies.



  • Deep understanding of the values held by the Federation and the Jewish community
  • Commitment to enrich and improve the quality of Jewish life in Des Moines, in Israel, and around the world.
  • Minimum of three years of experience successfully leading others.
  • Sensitivity and commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Exemplary interpersonal, oral, relationship, and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of organizational management and governance.
  • Demonstrated track record of significant impact on a program or entity.
  • Ability to organize an effective young leadership program.

Please submit resume, cover letter, and supporting documents to: edsearch@jewishdesmoines.org


Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
33158 Ute Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263


Des Moines is the capital and the most populous city in the state of Iowa and is the Midwest’s fastest growing metro with approximately 720,000 residents. The five-county metropolitan area is ranked 74th in terms of population in the United States, up from 88th in 2017 and is a major center of the U.S. insurance industry, has a sizable financial services and publishing business base. Des Moines was credited as the “number one spot for U.S. insurance companies” in a Business Wire article and named the third largest “insurance capital” of the world. Some notable companies that either call Des Moines home or have a major presence in the city include Principal Financial Group, Athene USA insurance, Meredith Corporation, Wells Fargo, Voya Financial, Nationwide Insurance, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Microsoft, and Facebook. The Greater Des Moines area hosts major universities (e.g., Drake University and Iowa State University), as well as more specialized educational facilities.

Des Moines boasts a vibrant social and cultural scene. Upscale restaurants make for a perfect dinner before heading to a Broadway show at the Des Moines Civic Center. Enjoy a walk or ride along some of the more than 800 miles of bike and walking trails or take in a concert at Wells Fargo Arena.

Des Moines has also played host to multiple NCAA basketball regionals, and other NCAA championships. The city and surrounding communities have recently been recognized as a top place to work and raise a family.

For more information about Des Moines please visit:
https://www.dsmpartnership.com/  and https://www.catchdesmoines.com/