19 2016

Strategic Health Resource Center Webinar Series

3:00PM - 4:00PM  

Earlier this year, three leading organizations with expertise in the field of aging  (the Bipartisan Policy Center, LeadingAge Pathways, and the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative) representing a diverse group of experts and stakeholders from across the political spectrum each issued a report calling for comprehensive reform of long-term care delivery and financing.  JFNA was the founding co-chair of one of the groups: the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative. Given recent data showing that the Jewish population in the United States is aging more rapidly than other sectors of the population, long-term care reform to ease the burden on Medicaid and to improve the quality of life for people in need and for their families and caregivers remains a top priority of Jewish federations and their partner agencies.

The webinar will feature thought leaders discussing the recent reports and the next steps to reforming long-term care:  

  • Anne Tumlinson, CEO, Anne Tumlinson Innovations, will walk us through the three reports.
  • Gretchen Alkema, Vice-President of Policy & Communications for the SCAN Foundation, will discuss the rationale, groups involved, and next steps.
  • Jonathan Westin, Senior Director of Health Initiatives, will focus on the legislative pathway forward to reform.
  • Moderator: John Feather, Ph.D,  Chief Executive Officer, Grantmakers in Aging

Should you have any technical questions related to the webinar, please contact Allison Redisch.