Strategic Health Resource Center

At a time of transformative change throughout the healthcare industry, Jewish Federations have launched the Strategic Health Resource Center to position our community at the vanguard of debate and discussion on health and long-term care, and to lead policy makers to solutions that will improve our nation's ability to serve all Americans.


Leading the Field


Federations support one of the largest networks of social service providers in the United States—including 15 leading academic medical centers/health systems, 100 nursing homes, and 125 Jewish family services agencies—that has served people of all denominations and backgrounds for more than 100 years. Through the Strategic Health Resource Center, we are working to ensure that our many partners have the resources they need to remain at the forefront of delivering care to our communities.


Advocating for Change


We are a leading voice for meaningful reform on critical health and care issues. The aging of Baby Boomers is putting an unprecedented strain on the nation's health and long-term care systems and on our partners. Roughly half of Jewish adults are age 50 or older, and they are older than the general population as a whole. The Strategic Health Resource Center is stepping forward to to make sure the system works for them.