Celebrating as Ethiopian Olim Arrive in Israel

Over the past 40 years, Jewish Federations have worked together with The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Government of Israel to support the Aliyah of more than 97,000 Ethiopians and their absorption in Israeli society.

Today, Jewish Federations join The Jewish Agency and the Government of Israel in welcoming 180 Ethiopian olim to their homeland, initiating a new phase that will bring over of 3,000 Ethiopian olim to Israel this year.

Thousands are still waiting in Ethiopia to join their families in Israel.  Most left their homes and villages long ago for Gondar and Addis Ababa.  Despite their ongoing limbo and harsh conditions, the communities in these cities maintain a strong Jewish identity and carry out daily Jewish rituals.

Jewish Federations will continue to support the Aliyah and absorption of members of the Jewish community in Ethiopia and others who come home to Israel.  We also will continue to provide essential humanitarian support to those still waiting in Ethiopia, as they yearn to arrive in Eretz Israel.

To view the moving ceremony, click here.