A Strategic Approach to the Ukraine Emergency

Since the war in Ukraine broke out, we have been to the region three times, to the border twice, and to the command centers of our relief agencies in Jerusalem.  Leaders of over thirty different major Jewish communities from across North America have been on these trips as well, seeing for themselves the humanitarian crisis and response.  We have flown with Olim to Israel and talked to refugees in every possible setting.  We have visited with Hillel and Chabad and the Polish Jewish community, and of course with the leadership of major agencies on the ground.  We have lobbied in Washington DC for humanitarian relief and for refugee support in the United States.

This crisis has many dimensions and will evolve in ways that cannot be predicted. Even as we write this, news reports are suggesting a shift in the war that would affect relief efforts.  Nevertheless, there are two things we can say for certain. 

First, the consequences of this war will be felt for years to come. 

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