Nurturing the Negev

Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, used to say that the fate of Israel would be decided in the Negev desert. His words made clear the geographic and strategic importance of this vital region for Israel’s survival. Our contributions to the growth and vitality of the Negev have been a cornerstone of our effort to build a Jewish State for more than 60 years.


Catalyzing Grassroots Change


Federation enhances the quality of life for its current and future residents. We’re developing leaders so they can create a cohesive, resourceful community. Together with the Israeli government, we’re helping maintain universities and hospitals. We’re launching innovative projects that help drive economic growth. Artists, urban planners, businesspeople, and other change makers are cultivating transformative cultural endeavors.


Rooting Communities in Resilience


During the summer of 2014—after withstanding years of attacks—Israelis in the south endured weeks of rocket fire during Operation Protective Edge. Federation was ready to help. We raised $55 million for trauma support and counseling, helped the most vulnerable (elderly and people with disabilities), offered respite to 81,000 children as well as relief and reinforcement for Israel’s bravest on the front lines.


When the conflict abated, Federation was still there. To help the shaken population rebuild. To provide economic recovery, fortify networks of support, and implement groundbreaking strategies to strengthen communities across southern Israel. To set a course for a bright future.


For more information, please contact Rina Edelstein, Associate Vice President for Global Programs.

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Our work in the Negev has been essential in establishing and maintaining a vibrant, flourishing, and self-sustaining community, one citizen at a time.