The Full Arc of Israeli Society

The coronavirus crisis has leveled the playing field for the entire human race – we are all at risk. Similarly, Israel’s resilience in responding to the pandemic has revealed how truly interdependent our society is, and how much we all need one another to weather the storm. In April, at the peak of the crisis, a monthly survey of Arab and Jewish citizens showed both a stronger sense of overall belonging in the country and improved Jewish-Arab relations. Moreover, Arab citizens, who make up 21% of Israel’s medical professionals, are being recognized for their vital role in the country’s  frontline response. 


As Israel emerges from the crisis and turns to recovery, many are wondering what opportunities exist to build on this renewed focus on shared society and what obstacles need to be navigated to succeed. Find out some of the ways these questions are being answered and gain insights into what more can be done on our upcoming webinar, Monday June 8th at 1pm EDT. Register here.


Israel's LGBTQ community is a proud piece of the Israeli mosaic. A Wider Bridge is hosting a virtual Pride Across Israel event on Thursday, June 11th at 1pm EDT to celebrate together with folks across the US and Israel, and you are most welcome to join!


Thousands of young adults who came to spend meaningful time in Israel on Masa Israel programs found themselves caught far from home facing a tough choice when COVID-19 erupted. Most chose to stay and volunteer to help Israelis during the crisis. Now Israel is returning the favor, allowing the next cohort of Masa Israel Journey participants (7,000 of them!) to enter Israel this coming Fall. With Masa’s unique ability to offer Israel immersive experience programing, demand is surging. We are working with Masa and the Jewish Agency to make sure young adults from across North America who want to participate get that life-changing opportunity! 


Like governments around the world, the Israeli government is dedicating significant new resources and adapting policies to help businesses as well as nonprofits and social service organizations overcome severe financial challenges resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. The Jewish Funders Network created this guide outlining support options available for nonprofits which include financial aid, coaching and counseling, training and professional services and non-profit loans.