Around the World with JDC Forums

With operations in 70 countries, the JDC Forums, a recent series of videos from Federation partner JDC takes you around the world to meet field professionals and beneficiaries to learn the impact of emergency dollars, including from the Federation collective and individual communities.  Visit Europe, the FSU, Africa, Asia, and Israel without leaving your home.


Africa Asia Forum: 
JDC's work in Africa and Asia is at the heart of the organization's mission. Representing some of the most ancient, isolated and unique Jewish communities, JDC is proud of our long-standing partnerships in these countries. This Forum will provide an overview of what is currently happening in the region as well as firsthand reflections from JDC and community leaders. For those who have visited, this will be a chance to relive your time there, and for those who have not yet had that opportunity, this will be a chance to begin what we expect to be a romance with these communities. 


Archives Forum: 
Hear Dr. Lior Sternfeld, a social historian of the modern Middle East, discuss his research in the JDC Archives about JDC’s work in Iran. His book, Between Iran and Zion: Jewish Histories of Twentieth-Century Iran (Stanford University Press, 2018) examines the development and integration of Jewish communities in Iran into the nation-building projects of the last century against the backdrop of Iranian nationalism. Dr. Sternfeld received the Fred and Ellen Lewis/JDC Archives Fellowship in 2013 to conduct research in the JDC Archives for his doctoral studies. This forum will also be an opportunity to learn about new innovative projects of the JDC Archives in response to the current situation. 


Entwine and Europe Forum: 
During “Young, Jewish and Leading in a time of crisis” Forum, organized by the Entwine and Europe teams, we heard the remarkable stories of young people who are driving change, giving back and embracing global Jewish responsibility during this time. For those who were unable to attend, you will find the link to the recording above. 


Europe Forum: 
We are excited to show you the impact of JDC's work in Europe. Join us on our mission visit to the region. We will not have time to stop at the usual tourist sites, but we will be meeting leadership from three different Jewish communities. Come learn from them about Jewish life where they live, how they are navigating today's reality, their vision for the future and their partnership with JDC. No tickets needed and you are welcome to invite friends to join you on this journey. 


FSU Forum: 
Hear how JDC’s Active Jewish Teens, and volunteers from JDC’s Volunteer Centers, are providing an outstretched hand together with a compassionate heart to help their most vulnerable community members since the onset of the Coronavirus Crisis. You will meet Daria Cotorobai, Kishinev's AJT Coordinator, who will inspire you with the story of the initiative, energy and commitment of local teens. You will then meet AJT’s co-President, Leonid Rud from St. Petersburg, Russia, who will share insights on why AJT has been such a meaningful social venue and support system for Jewish teens during the crisis. Anna Grigolaya, Deputy Director of JDC’s office in Eastern Ukraine, will share how JDC’s Volunteer Centers have been responding during the crisis with programs that address the new needs on the ground. 


Israel Forum: 
Over one million unemployed, negative economic growth, and a significant rise in domestic violence. The two-month shutdown of the economy and public services left unprecedented socioeconomic damage – a "crisis after the crisis,” but it has also created new opportunities – and perhaps new hope. Find out what this means for Israel's vulnerable and what JDC can, and should, do now. 


Myers-JDC-Brookdale Forum: 
Crunch time: MJB during COVID 
Early on in the COVID health crisis, Brookdale recognized that we could help the Israeli government protect lives and keep families healthy. Our professionals provided critical and timely data and consulting to help the government make the smartest, best-informed policy decisions for the entire nation. In this forum, we will see three video stories and meet Brookdale’s unsung heroes, who through dedicated service under the most difficult lockdown conditions, helped shape decisions that have affected the lives of millions. 


Taub Center Forum: 
Coronavirus in Israel: What Do We Know (Thus Far)?” featuring Professors Avi Weiss and Alex Weinreb 
Hear from Taub Center President Professor Avi Weiss and Taub Center Research Director Alex Weinreb for an overview of the impact of the pandemic on Israel’s society and economy, as well as a comparative analysis of its infection and mortality rates, and an opportunity to have your questions answered by two of Israel’s leading experts.