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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, August 25, 2011



JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Cross purposes within Jewish Agency force reshuffle

(Jpost) Short clip: Haviv Rettig Gur describes the Jewish Agency’s new strategy for its two-pronged vision of promoting aliya and advancing Jewish identity in the Diaspora.


Taglit celebrates Israel-Diaspora ties

(Ynet) Birthright co-founder, Charles Bronfman, moved to tears during mega event honoring program which has managed to change dynamics of many communities, in a matter of just one short decade


Social Justice Protests

Tent city protesters urge Trajtenberg to step down

(Jpost) Daphni Leef, who launched movement, calls on Knesset to handle their social demands; "country is on fire and MKs are on vacation.”


Israeli activists: Social protests must continue despite escalation of terror

(Haaretz) Some protesters opt to stay in Eilat, Sderot, Be'er Sheva, Ashkelon and Ashdod tent camps, ignoring orders to evacuate, running for cover every time siren sounds.


25,000 people attend silent protest march in Tel Aviv

(Globes) The protest against the high cost of living was kept low key because of the rocket barrages from Gaza.


Spring is so short in Israel

(Haaretz) Will the spring's life be cut short as swiftly as it grew and blossomed and caught on in the whole society?


Doctors, Treasury reach agreement

(Globes) After a 158-day struggle, the Finance Ministry agreed to greatly improve the agreement to a 46-49% pay rise over ten years.


Talkbacks ()

Trajtenberg team holds first open meeting

(Jpost) C'tee takes suggestions on fixing country's economic ills from public; Education group head Lautman: Education key to closing gaps in society.


Taub Center calls for new socioeconomic agenda

(Ynet) Leading Israeli economists and sociologists highlight primary problems facing Israel's society and economy, present concrete solutions for dealing with them


The consumer protests are working

(Globes) A "Globes" survey found that Israelis are changing their consumer habits.


Israel Philanthropy

With more than 10,000 millionaires, why is Israel still a charity case?

(Haaretz) At what point should the Diaspora communities say to Israelis that enough is enough - we will give, but we will not allow those in your own society to shirk their responsibilities?


Arts and Culture

Hallelujah: The Global Jewish Singing Contest

(Jpost) International Jewish singing contest brings performers to Israel



Sudanese refugee accepted to Israel national service for first time

(Haaretz) Twenty year old Tom Hassan, accepted on one-year, pre-army national service program, is now a counselor in boarding schools for Eritrean and Sudanese teens in Nitzana.



Jerusalem's little train that almost could

(Haaretz) After 11 years of delays, Jerusalemites finally got their long-awaited light railway on Friday, but security concerns cast a pall on launch day.


Israeli national security

Rivlin ‘shocked’ to hear schools not protected from rockets

(Jpost) Knesset speaker demands government transfer funds to reinforce schools and hospitals facing rocket and missile attacks in South.


The myth of Israel's Goliath image has been slain

(Haaretz) Bleeding borders make it harder to condemn Israel's leaders for refusing to utter the words ‘negotiation on the basis of the '67 borders.’


Municipalities 'battle' over Iron Dome

(Ynet) Success of missile defense system leaves southern municipalities fighting over right to be next to receive coveted Iron Dome battery


Science, Technology and Development

‘Eilat-Eilot to be 20% solar in 6 months’

(Jpost) Twenty percent of Eilat and the Arava region’s daylight electricity consumption to come from solar sources within six months.


More than a virtual vacation

(Globes) Five Israeli start-ups have developed websites that can help you get the best vacation deal.


Smile, you're on Google Street View

(Israel Hayom) Justice Ministry approves use of Google Street View


Welfare and Social Issues

Drastic changes to homicide law formulated

(Jpost) Under the existing law, unlawful killing can fall under three categories: murder, manslaughter and causing death by negligence.



Israeli volleyball coach uses Holocaust lesson

(Haaretz) At the age of 5, Arie Selinger was sent to Bergen-Belsen, where he met Anne Frank. Now, at 74, he hopes to lead Israel's national women's team to London in 2012.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Ma'ariv says that, "Accusing Israel of negligence in defending its border and threatening to recall the Egyptian Ambassador to Israel home to Cairo for consultations following the losses the Egyptians sustained in the attack on the road to Eilat are nothing but the miserable effort by the Supreme Military Council, which has run Egypt since Mubarak's ouster, to cover up its failure to maintain security in Sinai and cast responsibility on the other, in this case – Israel, as is customary in Egypt."  The author, a former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt, believes that, "Egypt faces a major challenge: Deal with the problems, when it is not at its best and the temporary military administration is finding it difficult – after the uprising – to restore law and order and guide the country toward new and stable civilian institutions," and adds that, "Neither country has any interest in escalating the events that have already hurt their security.  Peace is just as much a supreme interest for Egypt as it is for Israel.  Both countries must investigate the events in order to understand what happened on the ground in order to ensure that such events do not recur."


Yisrael Hayom maintains that, "Southern residents have contended bravely with the threat of missiles, and the responsible way in which they have been comporting themselves these days is commendable.  Despite the massive missile fire, there was no substantial exodus.  This type of behavior contributes in no small amount to Israel's national resiliency."