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The IEC raised $360 million in pledges. UJC has allocated $220 million, which includes all available funds, to-date. The funds cover a variety of needs, such as:

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War Emergency -- upgrading bomb shelters, moving children, the elderly and disabled out of harm's way, and providing trauma and post-trauma counseling; Education -- learning and emotional support for children to reintegrate to normal routines, training school staff to deal with trauma issues; providing special-needs children with care, upgrading kindergarten facilities, and providing afterschool activities to keep children positively focused, incentive scholarships to boost enrollment at universities in vulnerable areas, providing aid to needy families for supplies, helping Ethiopian students in vulnerable areas; Post-Trauma Intervention -- providing counseling to address people of all ages including counselors themselves with post-traumatic stress symptoms; Economic Opportunity -- business loans for economic development and job creation in the North, small-business loans to help those hurt by the war's economic impact, small-business grants and job training in the Sderot area; Community Capacity -- helping select municipalities better handle war emergencies, helping organizations better provide food to the poor in vulnerable areas, help Ethiopian-Israelis in vulnerable areas, train young people as community leaders, foster Arab-Jewish communication by teaching Arabic to Israeli students, creating youth villages where students mentor younger children, send student volunteers to the North to help beautify areas, helping train city leaders in emergency planning, increasing volunteerism, supporting NGOs in vulnerable areas, supporting Magen David Adom and frontline hospitals; Sderot and vicinity -- providing incentive scholarships to boost enrollment at Sapir College; providing post-trauma counseling and support; improving classroom facilities, sending children to summer camps in safer areas, providing the elderly and disabled with respites in safer areas, providing business loans and aid; Advocacy -- supporting the UJC-JCPA Israel Advocacy Initiative, which supports Israel advocacy efforts on a continental level. [War Emergency] [Education] [Post-Trauma Intervention] [Economic Opportunity] [Community Capacity] [Sderot and vicinity] [Advocacy]