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Realize Your Personal Philanthropic Goals
In a bold strategy designed to help you become an agent of change in a groundbreaking investor community, federation has opened the doors to Your Center for Jewish Philanthropy.

Today, in this very uncertain world, when the most productive social investors believe, as you do, that a robust and diverse community of active funders that seek to use their resources for the public good is critical to a healthy, caring Jewish people... and that giving, in smart, enterprising and innovative ways, can leverage constructive, sustainable change for the Jewish people for generations to come... the federation has committed itself to a new model of philanthropy.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I hope to accomplish?
  • How much can I afford to give and when?
  • How much time can I invest?
  • Do I want to engage multiple generations in my philanthropic decision-making?

Following your lead and maximizing your skills and experiences, federation consultants are ready to help you build a thoughtful philanthropic vision that:

  • Identifies and applies practical solutions to social problems
  • Cuts through the charitable maze to create the best roadmap to success
  • Secures long-term return on your investment
  • Engages in a process of continuous growth, adaptation and learning that leads to systemic change

No matter where you are on the philanthropic continuum — everyone from the funder just starting to build a portfolio to the experienced philanthropist seeking
to accelerate and optimize his/her giving — our philanthropic consultants can work with you to craft personal and creative funding approaches that address the whole spectrum of issues facing the Jewish people today and going forward.

Explore ways to give or contact your local federation to get started today.