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Major Gifts

The Major Gift constituency includes men and women who have demonstrated their leadership and concern for Jewish life with a donation of $10,000 or more to the Federation Annual Campaign.

The Prime Minister's Council

The Prime Minister’s Council is a unique group of philanthropists who make leadership gifts of $100,000 and more to the 2011 Federation Annual Campaign. The enduring generosity and commitment of Prime Minister’s Council donors embody the Jewish values of tzedakah and loving-kindness. To find out about Prime Minister's Council Missions and other events, contact Beverly Woznica.

 The King David Society

The King David Society (KDS) is a community of philanthropists who contribute $25,000 or more to the Federation Annual Campaign. They share a passionate concern for issues that affect the worldwide Jewish community, and set inspiring standards in philanthropic giving. To find out about King David Society gatherings and missions, please contact Susan Solow-Dubin.

VIP Services

The role of the VIP Department is to serve our major donors who give $10,000+ to the UJA/Federation annual campaign, IEF and Supplemental Giving who seek personal and preferential attention. For more, click here.