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Keep updated on what’s going on in Jewish communities around the world while learning how United Jewish Communities/Jewish Federations of North America are working to improve conditions for those in need. Learn how our partner organizations, including the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), are responding to the critical problems on the ground.

Polish prisoners to renovate Jewish historical sites 

By Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post, 23 June 09

The Polish government and a Jewish organization have signed an agreement under which prison inmates will help to refurbish Jewish sites. To read the article, click here.

Hillel at 85: Celebrating in Cyberspace

By Rebecca Baskin and Sam Greenberg, Jerusalem Post, 17 June 09

In lieu of its annual black-tie gala dinner, Hillel invited friends around the world to host their own parties. To read the article, click here.

Despite Economy, JDC Provides Services in Ukraine

Asher Ostrin, director, JDC’s FSU Department, Mar., 09

Ukraine’s economy is in the advanced stages of collapse. The currency (Grivna) is in free fall, and markets for the few goods it produces have constricted. The unemployment rate has remained steady only because labor laws make it difficult to fire employees. To read the article, click here.

Op-Ed: Venezuela should repair its ties to Jewish community

By Abraham Foxman, 30 Mar. 09

NEW YORK (JTA) --  Jews for hundreds of years have lived in Venezuela, which once served as a safe haven for Holocaust survivors and still is home to a significant Jewish community. To read the article, click here. 

What Future for Ekaterina?

By Ruth Eglash, Jerusalem Post, Dec. 3, 08

From the worn-out wooden floorboards to the cardboard-covered windows, the Gudkova apartment would most likely be condemned if held up to Western standards. It's lucky, too, that the Gudkova family has Jewish roots and it is this connection that affords the three women their only income. All three are clients of the American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee run-Hessed Center in this bleak Soviet-created Georgian town. To read the article, click here.

Operation Promise

The History of Ethiopian Jewry

To read about the history of Ethiopian Jewry, including background information on Operations Moses, Solomon and Promise, click here.

   Global Jewish Populations

Source: Sergio DellaPergola, World Jewish Population, 2004, in American Jewish Year Book 2004

Argentina: 185,000

Australia: 101,000

Austria: 9,000

Azerbaijan: 7,200

Bahamas: 300

Belarus: 22,000

Belgium: 31,300

Bolivia: 500

Bosnia-Herzegovina: 500

Botswana: 100

Brazil: 96,800

Bulgaria: 2,200

Canada: 371,000

Chile: 20,800

China: 1,000

Colombia: 3,300

Congo: 100

Costa Rica: 2,500

Croatia: 1,700

Cuba: 600

Czech Republic: 4,000

Denmark: 6,400

Dominican Republic: 100

Ecuador: 900

Egypt: 100

El Salvador: 100

Estonia: 1,700

Ethiopia: 100

Finland: 1,100

France: 496,000

Georgia: 3,800

Germany: 112,000

Gibraltar: 600

Greece: 4,500

Guatemala: 900

Hungary: 50,000

India: 5,100

Iran: 10,900

Ireland: 1,200

Israel: 4,940,000

Italy: 28,800

Jamaica: 300

Japan: 1,000

Kazakhstan: 4,000

Kenya: 400

Kygryzstan: 700

Latvia: 8,900

Lithuania: 3,400

Luxembourg: 600

Macedonia: 100

Mexico: 39,900

Moldova: 5,000

Morocco: 4,000

Namibia: 100

Netherlands: 30,000

Netherlands Antilles: 200

New Zealand: 6,800

Nigeria: 100

Norway: 1,200

Panama: 5,000

Paraguay: 900

Peru: 2,400

Philippines: 100

Poland: 3,300

Portugal: 500

Puerto Rico: 1,500

Romania: 10,500

Russia: 244,000

Serbia-Montenegro: 1,500

Singapore: 300

Slovakia: 2,700

Slovenia: 100

South Africa: 74,000

South Korea: 100

Spain: 12,000

Suriname: 200

Sweden: 15,000

Switzerland: 18,000

Syria: 100

Thailand: 200

Tunisia: 1,200

Turkey: 17,900

Turkmenistan: 400

Ukraine: 89,000

United Kingdom: 299,000

United States: 5,290,000

US Virgin Islands: 300

Uruguay: 19,600

Uzbekistan: 5,200

Venezuela: 15,600

Yemen: 200

Zimbabwe: 500