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Israel Advocacy Resource Guide
Ideas For What You Can Do To Help Israel
Nine Things You Can Do For Israel
Ten More Things You Can Do For Israel
A Resource List of Yet More Things You Can Do For Israel
Sample Letters to the Editor
Support Israel, Buy Israeli

Israel advocacy-related links:

ADL's Israel Advocacy Guide
Internet Resources for Advocacy (Jewish Internet Association)
Take Action Now
Hasbara on Campus (World Union Of Jewish Students)
StandWithUs (see also the group's StandWithUsCampus site)

Talking Points/Background Information

Myths and Facts (Mitchell Bard)

Eyes on Israel curriculum about media coverage of Israel (CAMERA)

The Facts Carter Left Out (of his book "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid" (StandWithUs)

Israel's Accomplishments in world humanitarian projects, disaster aid (StandWithUs)

The Palestinian Battle for Succession (JCPA)

Fact Sheet: International Court of Justice and Israel's Security Fence (Mitchell Bard)

Jordan and the Israeli Security Fence (JCPA)

International Court of Justice and the Security Fence (JCPA)

Fact Sheet: The Palestinian Money Trail (Mitchell Bard)

Unmasking Hamas' Hydra of Terror (Simon Wiesenthal Center) (opens new window -- Adobe Acrobrat Reader required)

Iranian Missiles: The Nature of the Threat (JCPA)

Remembering the Forgotten Exodus

Israel Education Initiative: The Refugees (Jewish Virtual Library)

Hizballah's Threat to Regional Security (JCPA)

Israel Education Initiative: Loan Guarantees (Jewish Virtual Library)

The Divestment Deception: Legal and Political Answers to Divestment Claims (AJC)

Why Anti-Israel Activity Flunks Bigotry 101 (PDF file) (AJC)

Quick Responses to Common Misunderstandings about the Middle East (AJC)

Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Brief Guide for the Perplexed (AJC)

Four Basic Talking Points on Israel (AJC)

Israel's Strategy in Curbing Palestinian Violence (JCPA)

The Quartet Roadmap, Take Two (JCPA)

Proportionality (Jewish Virtual Library)

Hezbollah (JCPA Middle East Briefing)

The Anti-Semitic Divestment Campaign (Jewish Virtual Library)

Camp David Two Years Later (Jewish Virtual Library)

What Israel Has Done for Peace (Jewish Virtual Library)

Hebrew University Bombing (Israeli Embassy)

Reforming the Palestinian Authority (JCPA)

The 1967 Border (Jewish Virtual Library)

Bush's Milestone Speech: Opportunities and Responses (UJC/Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies)

Assessing Yasir Arafat's One Hundred-Day Plan For Reform (JCPA)

The "Bush Plan" (Jewish Virtual Library)

President Bush's Middle East Speech: Analysis and Response (JCPA)

A "Provisional" Palestinian State (Jewish Virtual Library)

Operation "Defensive Shield: A Post-Mortem (UJC/Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies)

Palestinian "Right of Return" (Jewish Virtual Library)

Talking Points on Jenin (Jewish Virtual Library)

The 1967 Six-Day War (JCPA)

Additional fact sheets and publications:
Daily Alert (Prepared for the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations by the JCPA)
Twenty Facts About Israel
Profiles of Worldwide Terrorist Organizations (ADL)
Report on Jenin (ADL)
Middle East Facts: A PowerPoint Slide Show (
Behind the Headlines (Jewish Agency's Pedagogic Center)
My Israel Source