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JerusalemDownloadable PDF Files:

Jewish Education Center of Cleveland Israel NOW Solidarity Curriculum
The JECC's response curriculum is designed to help educators consider age-appropriate ways to teach about the current situation in Israel.

A curricular guideline to accompany the exhibition "Changes" (and more). The guide explores new ways of thinking about and teaching about Israel.

A Jewish Response To Terror: BJENY
This curriculum was designed by the BJE of New York as a response to September 11th. Many parts of the curriculum can be used to teach about suicide bombings in Israel.

"For the Sake of Zion: Pride and Strength Through Knowledge, An Educators Guide" by Tuvia Book (Available for ordering through the BJE of New York)
"For the Sake of Zion" comes from a stance of pride in Israel's achievements over the course of its short existence in science, the arts, agriculture, medicine, social welfare, and most important, the ethical pursuit of peace with its neighbors.

Web Links

Jewish Federations of North America's Israel @ 60 resource center
Jewish Federations of North America's Israel @ 60 resource center has timelines, videos, lengthy resource lists and links to local celebrations of Israel's anniversary.

CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education)-curriculum bank
The CAJE curriculum bank is full of activities for all ages of students.  It includes formal and informal activities.

JAFI's online database of Jewish educational materials, includes listings of curriculum, books, videos etc. on Israeli and Arab-Israeli conflict.  The database is searchable by keywords, subjects, authors, titles and publisher information.

Behrman House Publishing
Behrman House publishing company's guide to age appropriate text books on Judaic subjects.  Offers age appropriate suggestions on books to teach about Israel in the classroom.

Torah Aura
Torah Aura's textbook catalogue page devoted to resources on teaching Israel in the classroom.

Kar Ben Copies
Kar Ben Copies catalogue with textbooks and workbooks on teaching Israel to younger children.

March of the Living
The March of the Living Web site contains their online curriculum for participants in the March.  The curriculum includes a section n the establishment of the state of Israel through the war of Independence.

The Melitz Resource site offers unique educational tools that can serve as a basis for educational programming on the Jewish experience and Israel.  They are designed for use in the home as well as in schools, community centers, camps and other educational settings.

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Materials to Order

Downloadable Files:

The Jewish National Fund Program Catalogue (PDF)
The Jewish National Fund aims to create meaningful moments of Israel education for American Jewish youth regarding the land of Israel and the people of Israel. For more information on JNF programs, you can click the above link, visit the JNF Web site at, or send an e-mail to

Publications of the Embassy of Israel (MS Word)

Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education: Young American Jews Speak Out On Israel Video (MS Word)
The video is a "trigger" film. It is raw, powerful, and to the point. The teens and young adults talk about issues such as: Why should American Jews care about a Jewish State? How can you support Israel regardless of whether you agree with its current policies? How does the Middle East situation affect you here? Educational resource materials accompany the video.

Center for Israel Education
The CIE provides teachers, students, Jewish and non-Jewish professionals, and adults with originally written curriculum, teacher guides, and resource materials about modern Israel. Documentary compilations, teaching guides, curriculum and much more for middle and high school students are available at Or contact

AJE London
The new Israel history textbook "Medinatenu," 100 pages, full color, with graded questions and activities for each age group. It covers the history of Israel from earliest times up to 2002 with a Web update annually. "Medinatenu" has already been very well received in the USA and Europe and is available from AJE London.  Contact for more details.

BJE of Greater New York
"Israel: The Jewish Homeland Then and Now," a curriculum for 1st-8th grades; and A Curriculum "Teaching Israel" for grades 3-7.  Contact

BJE of Greater Boston: The Israel Connection
The Israel Connection is a curriculum project on contemporary Israel for grades 2-12 and adults that has been specially designed to meet the needs of Jewish supplementary schools, day schools, camps, youth movements and community centers in North America.  Contact 

United Synagogue: A Free People In Our Land and Celebrating the Zionist Dream
"A Free People: From Dream to Reality" is a teaching Israel guide for 5th grade. The kit includes 2 videos, games, camera-ready materials and teacher's guide.  "Celebrating the Zionist Dream" was created to celebrate Israel's 50th anniversary. It includes an activity kit of eight booklets highlighting 50 outstanding projects, programs and background materials prepared by educators, lay leaders and rabbis.  Contact

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One-Time Programs

Downloadable Files:

PACE: Israel Travel and Activity Guide (PDF)
Created by Lisa Gittleman Udi of The Community Synagogue of Port Washington.  Written for the 3rd grade. It is an active tour of Israel for the classroom.

Exodus: For Kids (MS Word)
Created by Alice Nussbaum of the Jewish Education Center of Rochester. A dramatic recreation of the movie Exodus.

For the Love of Israel: UAHC (MS Word)
Created by the UAHC's Department of Jewish Education. For the Love of Israel explores how we can teach students about the Jewish love of Israel by examining prayers we use everyday.

Articles and Speeches

Making Israel Part of the Everyday Education For Young Students
by Deena Bloom: Web Link | Download (MS Word)

Israel Literacy: The Development of a Conceptual Framework for Jewish Education
by Dr. Liat Ben-David: Web Link | Download (MS Word)

Rabbi Ed Feinstein Speech: Web Link | Download (MS Word)
Yom Ha-Atzmaut 2002
Milken Community Center, April 16, 2002

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Israel Reading List

Israel Bibliography: Web Link | Download (MS Word)
Where can you find additional resources on Israel? This comprehensive bibliography was created with help from the Jewish Agency for Israel.

ACAJE Summer Reading Lists (MS Word)
Auerbach Central Agency For Jewish Education, Seidman Educational Resource Center created a summer Jewish reading club. This summer the reading club "goes to Israel." There are reading lists for grades 5-8 and grades 8-12, as well as a reading list for teens.

Letters from Jerusalem 1947-1948, by Zipporah Porath
An American student on a year program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem found herself caught up in Israel's War of Independence. Her eyewitness account of Israel's birth, recorded in vivid, moving letters to her family, recaptures those historic events for the reader of today with freshness and immediacy (233 pp. 4th edition, 2003, available from: or

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