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January 2004 OEP Project of the Month

Tel Hai Academic College

The Center for Learning Disabled Students at Tel Hai Academic College

About Tel Hai Academic College:
Tel Hai Academic College is an independent academic institution, established in 1996 as part of a national effort to extend academic educational opportunities into the periphery. Today, Tel Hai is a college of national standing that attracts students from throughout the country to its academic programs in the Life, Social and Computer Sciences and the Humanities, as well as a broad range of continuing education programs.

Because of its location at the country's farthest northern border, Tel Hai's mandate extends beyond the area of education, to include opening of opportunities for individual and community development – and closing of the social and economic rifts in the remote, yet highly strategic Upper Galilee region.

About The Center for Learning Disabled Students:
In 1995, Tel Hai Academic College established the Center for Learning Disabled Students – the first of its kind in Israel – out of the conviction that learning disabilities should not be an obstacle to leading a productive, creative and fulfilling life. Since then, the Center has been helping students with learning disabilities acquire the skills to thrive and excel in a competitive academic environment and realize their full, individual potential.

In 2003 – 15% of Tel Hai Students had learning disabilities.

22% of Honor Students at Tel Hai had learning disabilities.

The Tel Hai Center for Learning Disabilities serves students with dyslexia, difficulties in organizing and processing written materials, in writing (dysgraphia), in expressing themselves in writing, in learning a foreign language, and many other types of learning disorders.  Sophisticated diagnostic tests are used to pinpoint areas of difficulty, so that maximal time and energy can be spent on learning how to overcome them.

Giving Opportunities:
The Center for Learning Disabilities is urgently seeking funds for the following:

  • Scholarships for Needy Students using the Center - $1,500/student/year

Because they must devote more time to their studies than average students, students with learning disabilities are unable to work at outside jobs, increasing their need for financial support.  This year, at least 30 students at the Center require such assistance.

  • Scholarships for Student Mentors Serving the Center - $60,000

Student mentoring, one of the most influential forms of community service at Tel Hai, is a dominant component of the Center's activities.

Scholarships for 60 student mentors, each providing four hours of weekly mentoring each week to learning disabled students throughout the academic year.                          

  • Establishment of a Career Counseling Center offering evaluation and guidance to help students choose the optimal direction for professional development.

Year 1 – Research and Project Development:             $25,000

Year 2 – Commencement of Center activity for limited group of students:                                                            $50,000

Year 3 – Full operation of Center                             $75,000