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Shavuot Content Archive

Wheat on TorahAbout Shavuot and Shavuot Observance

Shavuot Themes and Theology --

Shavuot at Home --

Shavuot in the Community --

A Shavuot Primer -- by Hanna Tiferet Siegel,

Seven Complete Weeks: A Shavuot Reflection -- by Douglas Aronin

Shavuot Features

Mekor Chaim: Shavuot -- By Rabbi Deborah Prinz

Ruth: A Shavuot Story -- by Diane Wolkstein, author of Treasures of the Heart

What Do We Celebrate? A Shavuot Reflection -- by Douglas Aronin

Shavuot: Is It the Well-Kept-Secret Holiday? -- by Ozzie Nogg,

Shavuot and Its Many Midrashim -- by Ozzie Nogg,

Shavuot Family Fun -- by Jill Suzanne Jacobs,

Shavuot Recipes

I Can't Believe It's Kosher: Shavuot Recipes -- by Brian Mailman

I Can't Believe It's Kosher: The Sound of Moosic -- by Brian Mailman