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The Federation Executive Recruitment & Education Program (FEREP) is a Graduate Scholarship Program funded through the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) Mandel Center for Leadership Excellence. The Mandel Center recruits, supports and develops future professional leaders for the North American Jewish Federation system.

Established in 1971 to attract and train graduate students of demonstrated ability for careers within Jewish Federations, the FEREP Program awards up to $40,000 for specified areas of graduate study in return for a minimum two-year paid work commitment in a North American Jewish Federation following graduate school.

The FEREP Graduate Scholarship Program has three important objectives:

  • To prepare its students for the transition to professional excellence in Federation. 
  • To create strong cohorts of students who see each other as colleagues and resources as they proceed through their careers in the Jewish community.
  • To ensure the Federation system has passionate and committed leaders for the future.

In addition to significant funding that students receive for graduate study, students participate in professional and cohort development through conferences and conference calls throughout the FEREP program. These opportunities focus on group learning through issues of interest to emerging Federation professionals.

Toward the end of graduate school, FEREP students are assisted by professionals in the JFNA Mandel Center during the transition period between school and Federation work commitments. The Mandel Center works with students on résumé preparation, interviewing, networking skills and job placement.

If you are looking to complete your graduate education and are interested in becoming a top-notch professional in the Jewish Federation world, then check us out!

If you care deeply for the well-being and continuity of the Jewish people in your neighborhood, your country, in Israel and around the world, then read on.

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Interested in completing your graduate education and becoming a top-notch professional in the Jewish Federation system? Apply for FEREP (The Federation Executive Recruitment and Education Program).



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