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What is Federation?

Federation plants the seeds for Jewish renaissance and renewal; ensures the Jewish community never waivers on its commitment to provide human services and to advocate for just social policy; and works to continuously strengthen its community's link to Israel and the worldwide Jewish family.

Federation promotes the tolerance, the understanding, and the excitement that creates vibrant communities of Jewish learning and growth...and crosses all borders to pursue care for the poor; food for the hungry; and advocacy and compassion for everyone who needs it.

Federation promotes meaningful philanthropy. Hands-on voluntarism. Shared commitment. And the power of the individual to make the connection that will make the difference in the federation community.

It is our moral responsibility to ensure that we come to the aid of ALL Jews in need and, whenever or wherever possible, to all people in need.

"Kol Yisrael Aravim Zeh L'zeh - All Israel is responsible for one another."

By collecting tzedakah in a central fund raising campaign and then distributing it based upon the community's needs and priorities, individuals and organizations are cared for by the community as a whole. The kupah, the central community fund campaign ensures that the donors and recipients remain anonymous. Allocating funds to many programs within a community ensures that people from all corners of our communities and that people from all over the globe receive the services they need.

The Federation system partners with a group of international organizations to ensure that Jewish people all over the world, receive the help that they need.

Please refer to the Partnerships section of our annual report to learn more about these excellent agencies and the people they help.

Here is a list of several specific areas of assistance provided Federations in their hometowns and around the world:

  • Education
  • Care for the Elderly
  • Family Services
  • Health
  • Immigration
  • Israel
  • Rescue and Relief
  • Youth