A JFNA mission is more than just a trip. It's a journey of a lifetime.  

NWP Heart to Heart 6 Mission to Israel:  February 1-5, 2015 
Leave your high heels at home and join our intrepid group of smart, motivated women from across North America and Israel on a unique journey that will feed your soul and engage your mind. Explore, learn, and be inspired by the people we meet and the experiences we share as we travel north, south, east, and west to experience first-hand the amazing work of Federation. Details

King David Society Mission to China: March 9-17, 2015 (suggested minimum)
A community of philanthropists who contribute $25,000 or more, to the federation annual campaign that share a passionate concern for issues that affect the worldwide Jewish Community, and set inspiring standards in philanthropic giving will be travelling to China.  Steeped in history and rapidly emerging as a world power, today’s China is a fascinating mix of the modern and the ancient, the dazzling and the quaint. Together we’ll tour imperial palaces, climb the Great Wall and explore winding backstreets. And we’ll encounter the incredible Shanghai Jewish community—founded by Baghdadi Jews in the 1800s, a refuge for thousands fleeing the Holocaust and the Russian Revolution, and, though small, still going strong today.Details