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The Jewish Federations of North America
GA Daily
November 13, 2012

2012 JFNA General Assembly in Baltimore Comes to a Successful Close

The 2012 General Assembly of The Jewish Federations of North America wrapped up in Baltimore today after a call from Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren for a new covenant built on shared values between Israel and the United States, and praise from JFNA President and CEO Jerry Silverman for how Jewish Federations continue to innovate and help change people’s lives.
Oren detailed ongoing challenges facing Israel, from “the Iranian centrifuges that continue to spin,” to the 120 rockets that have struck southern Israel just this week from Gaza. Amid those threats, he proudly highlighted the continuing Israeli drive to innovate and succeed, and how Israel will now be “exporting caviar and Olympic snow-making machines to Russia.”  Read more


Reut Institute and Alliance for Global Good Address Tikkun Olam

Twenty-first century tikkun olam was the theme of “21CTO,” a mini-conference within the GA that called for the world’s 14 million Jews to benefit 250 million disadvantaged people within 10 years.
Launched by Tel Aviv’s Reut Institute and its U.S.-based partner, the Alliance for Global Good, the initiative combines the tradition’s age old impulse with practical guidelines that, its leaders say, will move this effort from ambition to accomplishment.

“We aren’t the first attempt to mobilize action under the banner of tikkun olam,” said  Gidi Grinstein, Reut’s founder. “But we believe we have identified 11 key criteria that add viable substance to the aspirational message.” Read more

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  • @HallieJJacobs: The GA has been so awesome and informative.  So stoked I was able to participate in it! #WZOGA #JFNAGA @WZONorthAmerica
  • @DavidLBernstein: In the exhibition hall #jfnaga. No one can say that the Jews lack diversity.
  • @aconn123: There's no limit to what you can do if you get in the habit of saying "it's up to me" #ELItalks #JFNAGA
  • @JuliaMalkin: After two days working #jfnaga in heels, it feels AMAZING to be in flat boots today. #itsthelittlethings


The Baltimore Jewish Times has a special section on the 2012 GA. (Read more)

ELI Talks Inspire at the GA

In a cozy, warmly lit T.V. studio at the convention center, the gaze of GA participants was fixed on the stage, where a rotating cast of innovative Jewish thinkers espoused new ideas to develop and enrich the Jewish community.
The speakers were part of the AVI CHAI Foundation’s ELI talks, 10-12 minute presentations focused on themes central to the modern Jewish experience. The engaging narratives – formatted much like the popular TEDTalks, but for the Jewish world – featured religious leaders, educators, Jewish communal executives and others. The sessions were presented live, but were also recorded to later be shared and archived.

“ELI talks are intended to develop a discourse around Jewish religious engagement, literacy and identity,” said Yossi Prager, exective director of North America for the AVI CHAI Foundation. “We were pleased to partner with JFNA to produce ELI talks at the GA that engaged the large and diverse live audience here, and will spread widely beyond to foster conversation around these inspiring ideas."
Read more

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