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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, September 27, 2012


JFNA in the Israeli Press

How I came to fund the groups that wish to muzzle me

(Haaretz) A High Holy Day's look at the incredible shrinking tent of Diaspora dialogue.


Welfare and Social Issues

Toward true social justice

(Haaretz) The concentrations of wealth, barriers to workforce participation, monopolies and exploitation that characterize the economy hurt most Israeli families.


Yom Kippur Eve: To the Israeli soldier who gave his life so that my family could live

(Haaretz) One day a year you can hear yourself think. And take a moment to appreciate those people who, without fanfare and often at great cost to themselves, keep us safe.


Prisoners, still: The ongoing trauma of the Yom Kippur War POWs

(Times of Israel) Ori Shahak was shot down over Syria. Uri Ehrenfeld was taken captive at the Suez Canal. Thirty-nine years later, the two men are engaged in a campaign for improved state care for prisoners of war.


Civil Society

A make or break election for Israeli women?

(Jpost) Civil society issues such as the situation of women need to be at the forefront of the next election and cannot be sidetracked by the security concerns that have been and probably will be a major issue for generations to come.


In Israel’s Yom Kippur ‘Kippurtopia,’ a gift from the religious community to the secular

(Times of Israel) For 25 hours, the whole country — spiritually, socially, environmentally — is doing something right, says Tel Aviv U. professor.


Aliyah and Immigration

Ex-Hindu is Israel’s Thai-boxing queen

(Times of Israel) New women’s champion Sarah Avraham immigrated from Mumbai after 2008 Chabad House attack.


Jewish World

In Sweden, the kippa becomes a symbol of defiance

(Times of Israel) Rallies and solidarity actions are having a marked impact — notably in Malmo, a hotspot of anti-Semitism.


Yair Lapid and an anti-Zionist Hassid: The lesson I learned in 5772

(Times of Israel) The most significant message I take with me into 5773 is not to judge people by their externals.


Israel-US Relations

Netanyahu: 'I feel the support of the entire Israeli people'

(Haaretz) Moments before take-off on a flight to New York, where he will address the UN, Netanyahu reiterates his mission: ‘We’ve overcome enemies in the past; we’ll overcome this one too.’


Science, Technology and Development

Israeli computer passes Turing test, disguises itself as human

(Israel Hayom) In honor of scientist Alan Turing's centennial, Israel's Science Ministry hosts game show involving computer that tries to fool an audience into thinking it is human.


New technique could sniff out malignancies

(Times of Israel) A Technion scientist has developed a breath test to determine whether a growth is benign or malignant.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot asserts that, "There are similarities in the way the Muslim world responded to the Muhammad Al-Dura affair and the bizarre movie about Muhammad," and adds, "First and foremost is how hundreds of thousands of inflamed demonstrators went out into the streets without clarifying the truth." The author notes, "We live in a world in which a single post on Facebook is enough to ignite entire regions."


Ma'ariv claims that, "The average secular Israeli loves Yom Kippur," and notes that its observance – as measured in the numbers of businesses that are closed and synagogues that are full with people fasting – is very widespread. The author muses: "We do not keep the Sabbath because it is impossible to have one day a week without work, a cigarette, the telephone or the news. It could be that if it happens once a month, we might even like it. We do need a weekly day of rest but without compulsion, by personal choice, everyone as he or she likes. Don't rule it out, try us."