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Weekly items from the Israeli Press, September 20, 2012



JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Jewish Americans increase participation in Israeli teaching program

(Times of Israel) Number of Israel Teaching Fellows up from 68 to 170 in current school year, Masa Israel announces.



Explosion at Jewish supermarket in Paris suburb injures one

(Israel Hayom) Police investigate whether blast is linked to publication of Muhammad cartoons in French magazine. French media report that grenade attack was conducted by two masked men.


Welfare and Social Issues

Starting over

(Ynet) Op-ed: Gilad Shalit shares plans for coming year; offers tips on coping with crises.


Disabled Israelis must also serve equally in IDF

(Jpost) Former diplomat was automatically exempt from military service because of blindness, and not offered the option to volunteer


Civil Society

Sundays off proposal advances with PM's support

(Jpost) Political truce between Netanyahu, Shalom gives new life to proposal to make Sunday a day off from work.


Social Protests

Tel Aviv: Activists threaten to jump from overpass

(Ynet) Eight protesters threaten with suicide while others block traffic in call for social change; none injured


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Israeli Arabs seek removal of anti-Islam film from YouTube

(Israel Hayom) Israeli Arab leaders file petition in Jerusalem court for an injunction against YouTube owner Google. Extreme right-wing German group says it plans to screen the film in Berlin.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

UN looks to Israeli disabilities group for advice

(Israel 21C) A Ra’anana organization that blazes new trails for people with disabilities now has a global forum in which to share its expertise, research and innovations.



Israeli students take quantum leap at physics competition

(Israel Hayom) Israeli high school students win first prize at the 20th annual First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics competition in Warsaw.


Israeli Economy

5772 is Israel's best tourism year ever

(Ynet) Some 3.5 million visitors arrive in Israel in past 12 months, 3% more than in Hebrew year 5771. Most impressive increase recorded in number of travelers arriving on cruise ships.


Arts and Culture

National icon, Palmach poet, Haim Hefer, dies at 86

(Israel Hayom) Hefer wrote songs that built the country's character, established the first army entertainment troupe and was awarded the coveted Sokolov Prize for journalism and Israel Prize for Hebrew song.



150,000 head out to nature on first day of new year

(Jpost) Israelis use holiday to visit parks, forests and nature reserves throughout country; slight drop in temperatures expected.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yisrael Hayom comments on the uproar in the Islamic world against the film 'Innocence of Muslims' and notes the stream of anti-Jewish propaganda in many Arab, especially Palestinian, media outlets. The author notes that Jews, "have not stormed or set ablaze Palestinian legations abroad," and asks, "Have Muslim personalities condemned the insults and generalizations hurled at the Jewish People?" The paper says, "It seems that this racist media phenomenon in some of the content of the Palestinian media is usually ignored," and reminds its reads that the Palestinian Authority uses the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to portray the Jews as, "being involved in a conspiracy to rule the world." The author concludes, "We have good reasons to be insulted, no less than those who murdered US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. But our conclusion must be completely different."


Ma'ariv notes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was recently quoted as saying, "When I see that a product in Israel is 50% more expensive than it is abroad, then I get angry because this stems from a lack of competition." The author claims that, "Most price increases may be laid at the Government's doorstep," and adds: "On the eve of the holiday, we were informed of the intention to increase water rates – which are the responsibility of the Government – by 50%. Before that, electricity and fuel prices went up (due to the murderous excise)." The paper claims that the Government has yet to implement the Kedmi committee's recommendations on encouraging competition between chain stores due to opposition from agricultural interests.