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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, September 6, 2012



JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Israel's next astronaut — from Dimona?

(Israel Hayom) The Negev and Galilee Development Ministry, along with World ORT, launch new 15 million shekel ($3.7 million) program with leading academic and industrial institutions to enhance science and technology education in peripheral towns.


Iron Dome developers donate Defense Prize money to trauma center

(Israel Hayom) Prize, worth thousands of shekels, donated to Shaar Hanegev Regional Council's Resilience Center, which provides therapy for people who have had to cope with constant rocket attacks



Israel fights off 1,000 cyber-attack hits a minute

(Times of Israel) Experts work 24/7 to thwart attacks; Israel Electric Company hit by 20,000 attempts each day.


Civil Society

Haredim: We’re not afraid of the military draft

(Israel Hayom) After the IDF chief of staff presents plan for drafting the ultra-Orthodox, haredim say nothing will change and whoever wants to continue studying in a yeshiva will.


2 attempt self-immolation in W. Bank, Kfar Saba

(Jpost) Man douses himself in flammable liquid at branch of National Insurance Institute before being stopped by police.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Poll: 74% believe haredi education must include core studies

(Ynet) New Ynet, Gesher survey reveals that over 50% of Israelis are concerned with haredization of Israel's education system, fear haredi population growth could lead to 'halachic State.'



Wheels fall off bike rental project in Yom Kippur face-off

(Israel Hayom) Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz threatens to withhold government funds from city-operated bicycle rental program Tel-O-Fun unless Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai prevents Tel Aviv residents from renting city-owned bicycles on Yom Kippur.


Jewish World

Gay couple turns to rabbis for divorce

(Times of Israel) Married in Canada, a former MK and his partner now need the approval of an Israeli rabbinical court to officially end their relationship.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

Instagramers show off ‘Beautiful Israel’ to 2 million followers

(Times of Israel) Some of the most connected users of the most popular photo-sharing app shoot Israel’s good side.



Arab Israelis slowly losing their pride in Israel, study shows

(Times of Israel) A third of Jewish Israelis find it more important for their country to be Jewish than democratic, according to the annual Israeli Democracy Index.


Israeli Economy

Chinese billionaires to bring their wallets to Israel

(Times of Israel) An investment firm will be bringing 20 investors from China to Israel this fall in order to introduce them to high-tech investment possibilities.


Israel – a mango powerhouse

(Ynet) In just 20 years, Israel has become one of the biggest mango exporters in the Middle East.


J'lem councilwoman renegotiates property tax

(Ynet) Representative of the Jerusalem city council asks Finance Ministry to administer municipal property tax exemptions. If exemptions continue to be granted by municipality, Cohen says, 'the city's economy will collapse.'



Israel doubles its medal tally

(Jpost) After winning 3 medals at the 2012 Paralympics, Israel doubled its medal tally, claiming two silvers and one bronze.



NIS 30m. environmental center to be built in J'lem

(Jpost) The 2,000-square-meter facility will focus on the academic study of sustainability.


Israel's solar power struggles against government

(Ynet) Israel solar companies frustrated by gov't bureaucracy, take their expertise abroad. 'Israel enjoys endless supply of sunshine, but has been outpaced by Europe in solar development,' says business owner.


Israeli spelunkers set world record, explore earth’s deepest cave

(Times of Israel) Four Hebrew University researchers reach new lows in Abkhazia, and find new specifies of transparent fish.


Environmentalists slam natural gas export

(Ynet) Environmental Protection Ministry blasts natural gas committee recommendation to export 50% of Israeli gas; claims committee in favor of drilling companies against consumers.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot maintains that, "On the background of the hesitation of the Israeli public regarding the criminal violence by the 'Price Tag' group, perhaps it would be a good idea to begin an article on  this group of intimidators with a few harsh statements: The 'Price Tag' activists are a blot of shame on Israeli society. 'Price Tag' acts endanger the future and the security of the State of Israel. In an Arab world in which the influence of Islam is escalating, one does not have to be an intelligence expert in order to assess that it is enough for only one lunatic to burn an entire forest." The author rhetorically inquires, "How do you contend with this terrorism?" and advocates, "Zero patience on the part of the security establishment. Not understanding.  Not compromises. But rather hunt them down until they are eliminated as is befitting for a group that constitutes a strategic existential threat."


Ma'ariv analyzes the implications of the latest economic news: "The 2003 model Netanyahu would give up on free education for ages 3-4, at a budgetary cost of NIS 2.5 billion, but he is afraid. Free education is a good decision at a time when state coffers are full. Netanyahu knows the gasoline prices went up last night and that this is mainly due to increased global fuel prices. The excise on gasoline that amounts to NIS 16 billion was also the main source of taxation revenue in the previous government. He is acting correctly by not intervening this time. In order for the Prime Minister to be able to implement his original economic theory, he should call an early election. This would allow the true influence of the protest movements and parties and their political agendas to be tested at the ballot box. If he wins, Netanyahu will be able to implement his economic policy without fear and without bias."