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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, August 23, 2012



JFNA in the Israeli Press

Op-Ed: The Zionist Girl the Jewish Federations Love to Hate

(Israel National News) Israel’s detractors have been so successful that, to put it bluntly: the term Zionism doesn’t poll well. If your goal is to raise money to support Israel, that's a problem, says the writer, who investigated an alleged JNFA attempt to nix the word.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Dozens cancel move to Israel due to Iran threats

(Times of Israel) Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky says potential immigrants are waiting for calmer times.


Welfare and Social Issues

Israel's High Court waving a 'black flag' over rights groups' petitions, experts say

(Haaretz) Comments by University of Haifa dean made in reaction to High Court decisions in which unusually high legal costs have been imposed on NGOs funded by donations.


Israel Sixth Healthiest Country in the World

(Israel National News) Be healthy, move to Israel. That is the message learned from Bloomberg’s ranking of the healthiest countries in the world. US number 33.


'Jerusalem lynch the most contemptible act imaginable'

(Israel Hayom) Police commissioner Yohanan Danino says police will not spare any resources in bringing the culprits to justice.



Iron Dome installed in Eilat

(Ynet) Missile shield battery arrives in southern city in an effort to calibrate its sensors to the local terrain.


Civil Society

PM’s vow to fight racism rings hollow for Ethiopians

(Jpost) Activists describe declaration as "mere cosmetics;" Ethiopian MK: Signing document will not solve Israel's deep racial problems.


The people demand national happiness

(Haaretz) It's time we started evaluating what steps our government is taking towards increase gross national happiness along with gross national product.


Jewish World

'Women of the Wall' Arrested for Provocation

(Israel National News) Police arrested three “women of the Wall’ after they violated High Court limitations and wore prayer shawls in a “Rosh Chodesh” protest.


Tolerance at the Kotel

(Jpost) It is precisely at times when the vocal majority attempts to impose its religious sensibilities on an embattled minority that a true democracy is tested.



Eilat appeals ruling forcing city schools to accept African migrant kids

(Haaretz) Eilat claims claims in its appeal that the initial ruling was wrong and would, if carried out, hurt the very children it was supposed to help; Education Ministry backs ban.


Shortage of classes keeps special-ed Haredi kids from starting school

(Haaretz) Parents and children demonstrate opposite the Education Ministry in Jerusalem; some parents point accusing finger at Haredi Knesset members.



Despite hardships, some Bedouins still feel obligation to serve Israel

(Times of Israel) Tiny minority torn between sense of duty to the state and deep-seated feelings of inequality and otherness.


Israeli Economy

Number of Israeli job seekers reaches three-year high

(Israel Hayom) 16,084 Israelis were fired from their jobs in July as the result of a slowdown in economic growth. An estimated 33,000 more Israelis expected to lose their jobs by the end of 2012.



Israel's Paralympics team heads to London

(Ynet) Rowing, sailing teams are first of Israel's delegation to make their way to London. Opening, closing ceremonies to be broadcast live from games.



In sunny Israel, solar energy proves a surprisingly hard sell

(Times of Israel) Israel likely won’t meet its target for alternative energy production, unless a major revolution takes place.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot notes that the Government is spending NIS 5 million on an advertising campaign that lauds its socio-economic achievements, including its efforts to lower the cost of living, and says that the money is coming, "from our pockets. We are financing a campaign designed to tell us how the Government is saving us money." While the author admits that, "NIS 5 million is not a lot of money in terms of the state budget," she nevertheless adds, "There are 1,000 elements that would be happy to accept this amount and use it for something that is far more beneficial to the public." The paper reminds its readers that the ads specifically extol the expansion of free education from age three and tax breaks for working parents with small children, but contends,  "What is not said is that expanding free education for children from age three and tax breaks for parents with small children are irrelevant to most of the public," at a time when, "VAT is rising by 1%, gasoline prices are skyrocketing, the price of a standard loaf of bread is going up, smokers are paying NIS 2 more for a pack of cigarettes (one should take into account that most of the smoking public buys cigarettes and does not receive cigars as gifts) – and even someone who wants to relax with a bottle of beer, not even whiskey, will need to pay more." The author concludes: "The sense is that Netanyahu is putting a little into one pocket and taking a lot more from the other pocket."


Ma'ariv recommends that Israel "Leaves the United Nations. Our membership in this hypocritical and superfluous organization, which did not bother to expel one of its members who called for the destruction of another one of its members, is repulsive and intolerable."