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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, July 26, 2012



JFNA in the Israeli Press

No heightened threat to US Jews post-Bulgaria attack

(Jpost) US security officials tell nearly 300 American Jewish leaders there is no "specific credible intelligence" indicating a threat.


U.S. Jewish groups condemn Knesset’s Michael Ben Ari for destroying New Testament

(Haaretz) Knesset speaker reportedly denies Ben Ari a chance to explain himself, saying the MK should stop giving the Knesset a bad name.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Ellis Island to Ben Gurion Airport: The changing Jewish immigrant experience

(Times of Israel) Those moving to Israel have it good compared to those who came to the US, thanks in large part to Nefesh B’Nefesh.


IFCJ gives Jewish Agency, Chabad funds to upgrade security

(Times of Israel) Christian organization has given $45 million for security-related issues in Israel and elsewhere since 2003.



Report: Israel fears 'anniversary attack' at Olympics

(Ynet) UK's Sunday Times reports of growing concern that Iran, Hezbollah may try to target Israeli athletes at London Games


Civil Society

Ya'alon conscription bill has 'service for all' as a distant goal

(Israel Hayom) The vice prime minister presents cabinet with proposal to have 6,000 haredim and similar number of Arabs serve in the military or national service each year starting in 2016.


Israel’s firefighters win big gains – including the right to strike

(Tulip) The Histadrut and the firefighters union have signed an agreement with the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Internal Security that contains big gains for the workers.


Social Protests

Video: ‘Tel Aviv is Cool but Jerusalem is the Capital’

(Israel National News) Tel Aviv’s mayor has dropped the rivalry with Jerusalem to remind Britain the holy city is Israel’s capital – no matter what the BBC says.


Munich Widows Call for Silent Protest at Opening Ceremony

(Israel National News) Widows of the athletes who were murdered in Munich call on the audience to stand when IOC head is invited to speak at the opening ceremony.


Aliyah and Immigration

IDF magnet for US olim

(Ynet) Amidst Knesset draft-dodging debate, 350 young Americans immigrate to Israel to join IDF.


The truth about migrants

(Ynet) Op-ed: Illegal migrants must be returned to their homelands in order to save Jewish state.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

Prime Minister’s Office to BBC: We insist you call Jerusalem Israel’s capital

(Times of Israel) British broadcaster has already changed its Olympics website once, now brands Jerusalem as ‘seat of government’.


BBC 'upgrades' Israel's profile page

(Ynet) British Broadcasting Corporation heeds uproar caused by its choice of aggressive pictures on Israel's profile page; changes it to one of architecture.


Project uses Olympics to strengthen Israel-Diaspora

(Jpost) The initiative is a spin-off of iMMERSE, an ongoing project that aims to boost knowledge about Israel in the Diaspora.



Science body decries Ariel university decision

(Jpost) National Academy of Sciences says a decision on the matter can't be taken without fundamental, in-depth examination.


Israeli Economy

Smokers’ and drinkers’ wallets get surprise pinch as taxes rise overnight

(Times of Israel) Finance minister signs off on new tax hikes before suppliers and consumers can stock up.



Agricultural waste to be recycled

(Ynet) Environmental Protection Ministry updates recycling regulations to include thousands of tons of plastic waste used in agriculture industry.


Science, Technology and Development

Recycled Cardboard Bicycles For $9?

(Times of Israel) They are made of recycled cardboard, can withstand water and humidity, cost nearly nothing – and might the concept of green vehicle.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot lauds the latest statistics regarding the success of the ultra-orthodox Netzah Yehuda Battalion in the IDF Nahal Brigade as, "good news for both Israeli society and the ultra-orthodox world." The author, a former GOC Personnel, notes that the latest figures show that battalion graduates are finding work (most at jobs that pay higher than the national average), acquiring degrees and meeting with greater acceptance in both the ultra-orthodox sector and society at large.


Yisrael Hayom believes that, "The Government must be alert to two factors that play an important role in the public's response to the [aforesaid] steps: True, one must be careful in raising taxes on the rich out of concern over the flight of capital from Israel, but the worship of money that characterizes Israeli society and causes damage in various areas must stop. At the same time, the Arab and ultra-orthodox sectors must be brought into the cycle of those who pay taxes."