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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, August 9, 2012


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Ethiopians demonstrate against rent hikes

(Jpost) Jewish Agency cancels all non-emergency programs and summer camp; “No one wants to be here," says demonstrator organizer.


Welfare and Social Issues

In the US, looking through the poor of Israel

(Times of Israel) Jerusalem is literally awash in Jewish organizations of every conceivable kind —all ostensibly dedicated to the welfare and well-being of the Jewish people.


Fighting racism

(Jpost) Israel’s social activists should embrace anti-racism, not only regarding immigrants but also Ethiopian citizens, as a cause.


Civil Society

Tel Aviv council rejects Arabic caption in city logo

(Ynet) Arab councilman proposes adding city's name in Arabic to Tel Aviv's logo but is rejected.


Thousands attend Jerusalem's Gay Pride Parade

(Israel Hayom) Some 5,000 participants celebrate a decade of parades in Israeli capital.


Gov't ads encourage employment of Israeli-Arabs

(Jpost) 1.3% of Israeli Arabs who studied computer engineering work in the field; “Most Arabs here have the same story,” says Abdullah.


Justice Ministry to review new regulations that may ban Palestinians, migrants from filing suits in Israeli courts

(Haaretz) Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman last week signed regulations requiring plaintiffs to cite their Israeli ID or passport number on documents they file.


Women feature in J'lem bus ads for 1st time in years

(Jpost) Promoting pluralism, Yerushalmim Movement to launch advertising campaign on Jerusalem buses under slogan "because J'lem is for us all."


Social Protests

Dueling movements protest for social justice in TA

(Jpost) 2 separate rallies oppose gov’t policies; counter-demonstrators call protest leaders "politicians-in-waiting."


Aliyah and Immigration

Israel's Pending Immigration Disaster

(Israel National News) A country that is already bedeviled by an internecine conflict with the Arabs doesn't need to add inner-city wars with Africans to the list of its woes.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

1 in 5 Israelis gets married abroad

(Ynet) According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, 20% of Jews who got married in 2010 did so overseas. 'Rabbinate's approach to converted Jews, women is appalling,' says couple who wed in Prague.


Jewish World

No religious freedom in Israel

(Ynet) Op-ed: Israel rightfully demands reversal of German circumcision ban, but it must also address religious freedom violations at home.


U.S. Slams Israel Over Temple Mount Prayer Policies

(Israel National News) A U.S. report on religious freedom slams Israel for preventing Jews from praying on the Temple Mount.


Israel Philanthropy

Jewish Heart for Africa receives UN recognition

(Jpost) “Part of our mission is to try and improve the image of Israel,” founder of New York-based organization tells 'Post.'


Israel Advocacy/Relations

Next 'flytilla' to arrive through Jordan

(Ynet) Welcome to Palestine campaign organizers say fewer activists expected during next fly-in; will arrive in Amman airport and attempt to cross over to Palestinian Authority by land.


Israeli Economy

In Israel, the gender wage gap is worst at the top

(Haaretz) At large firms, women earn 32% less than men, TheMarker finds.



Report: Only 25% of pre-approved solar energy quota used

(Ynet) Government approves independent energy production ahead of foreseen summer's 'electricity drought' but only fraction used so far.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot, in the wake of the IDF's success in preventing, what could have been, a catastrophic terrorist attack, calls to our "dear friends in the IDF and other security arms: We have not the least doubt that you have detected the escalation by the terrorists, in their ability to maneuver and deceive that had not been seen in previous terror attacks, the darkness of the advancing storm over the Sinai skies, the 'holes' the we have (and will always exist) in our defense against terrorism, the points of weakness, which we will not note here for understandable reasons and your obligation to be intoxicated for only a moment from the achievement and the flattering headlines and return immediately to your sacred work. Moshe Dayan, were he alive, would have said: 'Gentlemen, leave the celebrations for others. For you, there is still a lot to be done'"


Ma'ariv accuses the local media of over-hyping Israel's chances of winning medals at the London Olympics and remarks, "We should internalize and understand that our chance of winning another Nobel Prize is immeasurably higher than our chance of winning an Olympic gold medal."