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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, July 5, 2012


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JFNA in the Israeli Press

American Jewish activist Brian Lurie replaces Naomi Chazan as New Israel Fund chief

(Haaretz) Brian Lurie replaces Naomi Chazan, who was targeted by right-wingers for funding organizations that assisted the Goldstone Commission.


Romney plays Israel card with talk of upcoming visit

(Jpost) White House official tells 'Post' that Obama not expected to make any more foreign travel before election in November.


AWOL at the President’s Conference

(Jpost) The time has come for Israelis to recognize that Torah, in the broadest sense of the word, is the foundation of our people.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

JAFI bails on education — now who’s gonna foot the bill?

(Times of Israel) The Jewish Agency just cut their share of funding to the Student Authority, which allocates higher education scholarships for olim, as a part of the immigrant absorption basket.


Jewish Agency to help raise funds for Diaspora security

(Jpost) Sharansky says newly formed fund will help pay for increased security in wake of attacks such as one at Jewish school in Toulouse.


New mentoring initiative offers ‘Super Nanny’

(Jpost) Set of initiatives – including a personal mentor – hope to empower and better equip parents with disabilities.


Welfare and Social Issues

Report: Israeli hospitals among most crowded in OECD

(Ynet) New OECD report reveals high occupancy, early discharge and nurse shortage in Israeli hospitals. But Israel nevertheless ranks high in Life expectancy and low in infant mortality.


Israelis live longer, less obese than OECD average

(Jpost) Results of the 2012 comparison of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development members.


Civil Society

Plesner recommendations: 80% of eligible haredim to serve by 2016

(Israel Hayom) Defunct committee recommends that haredim could seek deferment until the age of 22 for yeshiva studies, after which they carry out 24 months of military service or 18 months of national service.


Social Protests

Thousands march for social justice

(Ynet) One week after social justice rally turns into violent riot over 10,000 people march in Tel Aviv, block traffic. Hundreds gather in Jerusalem, Beersheba and Haifa


Aliyah and Immigration

Bibi, wake up — olim are worth more!

(Times of Israel) As part of the rights for new immigrants to Israel, we receive one degree for free or subsidized from the Student Authority.


New olim: They're chasing us away

(Ynet) 250 new immigrant students throw their hat in the ring of this summer's protests, gathering in front of the Prime Minister's Office to oppose budget cuts. 'This hurts aliya and hurts Israel's basic values'


Religious Pluralism in Israel

With this rabbinate, I thee wed?

(Israel Hayom) The debate over whether to pay non-Orthodox rabbinic salaries once again brings to the fore the ugly battle of Jew vs. Jew.


Who’s afraid of separating church and state?

(Times of Israel) The role of the church (synagogue) and state in Israel and why those with an opinion need access to Hebrew press.


Jewish World

Beit Shemesh 'helpless' fighting women's exclusion

(Ynet) Municipality admits cannot handle 'complex issue' by itself after woman files police complaint over sign ordering women to avoid sidewalk frequented by synagogue goers.


"Everyone must serve," Netanyahu says on emerging law

(Israel Hayom) As Tal Law nears expiration, coalition factions argue over whether mandatory draft applies to Israeli Arabs as well as ultra-Orthodox.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

Former PM Shamir passes away at age 96 in Tel Aviv

(Jpost) Netanyahu: Shamir “belonged to the generation of giants that established the State of Israel."


Arts and Culture

Ancient synagogue and mosaic unearthed in Galilee

(Times of Israel) Huqoq discovery dates back 1,500 years; artwork depicts biblical story of Samson


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Ma'ariv reminds its readers that, "There were several attempts in the past to draft the ultra-orthodox," but adds, "They all failed because nobody – from Dayan to Begin to Netanyahu – really wants to do so." The author asserts that one cannot criticize only the ultra-orthodox and says, "Little, power-hungry politicians, all of them secular, have – out of narrow considerations that have nothing to do with equality –  given the ultra-orthodox a gift more precious than gold. The 'suckers', who constitute a minority, carry the others on their backs because their cynical and fundamentally immoral representatives have sold them out."


Yisrael Hayom believes, "The principle of service for all from age 18 will lay the first bricks toward creating a new public space in which nobody is more or less equal than others. Everyone will be involved in building the civil society, everyone will have equal rights and equal obligations. Just as the State of Israel does not allow its citizens to choose whether or not to pay the television and radio licensing fee, it must require them to their part in bearing the burden of service. Without an enforcement mechanism in the form of imprisonment or significant fines of at least NIS 150,000, the principle of universal service will remain a mere recommendation."