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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, July 12, 2012


JFNA in the Israeli Press

Presbyterians narrowly reject boycott of companies that 'benefit from Israeli occupation'

(Israel Hayom) U.S. Jewish group says boycott bid demonizes Israel and threatens Christian-Jewish relations.


Across North America, dozens of new Jewish teen foundations bring fresh energy to charitable work

(Times of Israel) 51 teen foundations now operate out of JCCs, schools, summer camps, education bureaus and federations. And 30 more are on the way.


NJDC removes anti-Adelson petition

(Jpost) National Jewish Democratic Council removes petition calling on Republicans not to accept money from Sheldon Adelson.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Birthright embraces disabled teens

(Ynet) 'Taglit' initiative hopes to offer incredible experience to each and every participant; including handicapped teens. One guide discusses his special needs Birthright experience.


Younger US Jews are more attached to Israel — but less enamored of its leaders

(Times of Israel) ‘Birthright Bump’ reverses trend of detachment among non-Orthodox Jewish Americans, while skepticism over peace prospects rises.


Keep it complicated, stupid

(Times of Israel) Tens of thousands of college students — many on Taglit Birthright Israel, and others on Masa Israel Journey and other programs— are currently criss-crossing the State of Israel.


Welfare and Social Issues

After six decades, 80,000 former USSR Nazi victims to get compensation

(Times of Israel) A community long denied justice will get $300 million. Deal comes as Israel, Germany commemorate the 60-year anniversary of the first reparations agreement.


New laws put public places out of bounds for smokers

(Times of Israel) Strict new regulations nix lighting up at bus stops, train platforms and event venues.


Civil Society

Ministry wants images of females on bus ads

(Jpost) Decision follows High Court petition from Yerushalmim movement over ‘Women of Jerusalem, Nice to Meet You’ campaign.


Olmert acquittals may cast shadow over Holyland corruption trial

(Israel Hayom) Deputy attorney-general says it is the prosecution's duty to reexamine the pending indictment against Olmert.


Mofaz warns Netanyahu: If new IDF draft law not presented by Sunday, Kadima will quit coalition

(Haaretz) With deadline rapidly approaching, argument erupts between Kadima MK Plesner and Deputy PM Ya'alon over sanctions on individuals who fail to report for IDF duty.


Aliyah and Immigration

Government approves new aliya from Ethiopia

(Jpost) Decision will allow around 250 Jews from Ethiopia to arrive in Israel each month, some after waiting for more than 10 years.


10 Years Later: Nefesh B'Nefesh Brings Hundreds More to Israel

(Israel National News) A group of 229 arrivals arrived early Thursday morning on the first flight of the summer to mark the tenth year of Nefesh B'Nefesh aliyahs.


Israeli Periphery

Iron Dome deployed in Eilat region

(Ynet) Missile defense battery shuttled to area as part of nationwide deployment, calibration test.


Israel Philanthropy

Israeli doctor in surgical marathon

(Times of Israel) Haifa surgeon was part of a team that operated on 33 kids in 4 days in Ecuador.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

Want to help defend Israel? Become a virtual soldier

(Jpost) New digital IDF initiative takes army’s "hasbara" battle into the online world.


Israeli Economy

Consumer goods sales slow in wake of tent protests

(Haaretz) Nielsen survey finds cottage cheese at the center of the slump, but other dairy products get hit as well.



Jewish-American pole vaulter heads for second Olympics — this time for Israel

(Times of Israel) Jillian Schwartz says a special connection — and a little less competition — helped her join team Israel after previously competing for the USA.



Polluters to be listed on public database

(Ynet) Knesset passes law mandating industries with high environmental impact to list annual pollution results on public database.


'Increase solar energy to achieve 2014 goal'

(Jpost) Report says state must allow 900 more megawatts of photovoltaic solar energy to meet its 2014 renewable energy goal.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot suggests that, "The value of tolerance is sometimes more important than that of gender equality. One cannot insist on universal conscription on the one hand and, on the other, enforce an ideological melting pot that infringes on faith-based values, even if this requires allowing people with particular religious outlooks to quietly and respectably leave before a woman soldier gets up to sing." The author, whose son recently finished 12th grade and will soon enter the IDF, remarks: "It is clear to everyone that there is a war here of values and rights, beliefs and outlooks, and that neither side can persuade the other by an exchange of slogans. But beyond all the words, the strongest common denominator is the reality – rising numbers of those who are not conscripted and do not work, and the placing of the national burden on narrow shoulders."


Ma'ariv notes that religious Zionists, i.e. the 'national religious', have been conspicuous by their absence from the struggle over universal conscription and believes that, "This inactivity, the fear of an open and courageous clash with ultra-orthodox outlooks and even the adoption of some of them, have been the prominent characteristics of the recent generation," of religious Zionists. The author discounts the possibility that any change will come from the religious Zionist rabbinical and lay leadership and asserts, "The correction and the change must come from below, from the silent majority. This is a strong potential factor but, unfortunately, it quietly and apathetically accepts the situation and the conduct of those who pretend to lead it. It does not rise up and it does not protest even though the vast majority – in my estimation – opposes the inactivity in the face of the ultra-orthodox, the adoption of their outlook and their views regarding the conscription of yeshiva students. Only the rising up and extensive protest actions by the silent national religious public will spur its leaders into action that could perhaps lead to change."