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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, June 21, 2012


JFNA in the Israeli Press

Ramat Hasharon NGO adopts Jewish Federation model

(Haaretz)'Takdim 'seeks to raise $1 million over two years for four projects that will serve both the estimated 46,000 residents of Ramat Hasharon and Israelis outside its own community via joint programs.


JFNA rabbis talk with UN envoys

(Times of Israel) Chose to meet with representatives of Eastern European bloc nations because they often vote neutral or abstain on resolutions pertaining to Israel.


US Federations slam chief rabbi’s criticism of funding for non-Orthodox rabbis

(Times of Israel) Leaders accuse Shlomo Amar of alienating fellow Jews.


Federation Projects in the Israeli Press

Knitting Club Helps Relieve Stress for Kids in Sderot

(Israel National News) A 12 year old New York girl set up a therapeutic knitting class for kids in Sderot, to help them deal with the stress of Gaza terror.



Hamas signals readiness for truce, then fires rockets

(Israel Hayom) Hamas military wing announces willingness to stop escalating the violence as long as "occupation forces halt their aggression." Some 70 rockets strike southern Israel on Wednesday, more than 120 rockets since Monday.


Welfare and Social Issues

'Israel's fire infrastructure is far behind the West'

(Jpost) Israel has only one quarter the firemen and firetrucks as other western countries.


Peres urges finding the sunny side in the Carmel fire report

(Times of Israel) President warns against focusing only on the things that went wrong in the deadly 2010 blaze that claimed 44 lives.


Civil Society

MK seeks to annul 'same religion' adoption law

(Jpost) Horowitz working to push forward bill seeking to cancel law requiring same religion for parents and adopted child.


Aliyah and Immigration

Candidly Speaking: Promote aliya now!

(Jpost) Europe is likely to be the greatest source for aliya because anti-Israeli hysteria has now reached feverish levels.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Woman detained for wearing prayer shawl at Western Wall

(Times of Israel) Group of women protest outside police station.


MK: End Muslim Occupation on Temple Mount

(Israel National News) MK Eldad calls to “end the occupation” as rabbi is barred from the Temple Mount.


Israeli Periphery

C'tee to check viability of coastal islands

(Jpost) Cabinet seeks solution to land shortage; examinations must include assessments of plan's potential environmental impact.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

Diaspora continuity

(Jpost) Israel seems to provide young Diaspora Jews with a unique opportunity to confront their Jewishness on their own terms while experiencing the miracle of the Jewish people’s return to national sovereignty.


Diaspora Ministry reaches out to Israelis abroad

(Ynet) Government seeks connection with Israeli emigrants' communities; instead of criticizing, offers incentives to return.



Students in south welcome summer vacation amid rocket fire

(Israel Hayom) Students from across Israel begin their summer vacation "We're already used to this," one teen says of the rocket fire "We don’t let the situation bum us out."


'Haredi schools need to meet minimum standards'

(Jpost) Knesset education committee head Einat Wilf says all students should study core curriculum topics so they can join the work force.



South Sudanese migrants given more time to voluntarily leave Israel

(Times of Israel) Interior Ministry grants extra days after hundreds agree to depart on own accord.


Haredim demand dedicated space for housing

(Ynet) Yaki Reisner of the Z. Landau Group, warns that if no housing solution is found for haredim, they will be forced to 'take over' secular cities.


Israel-US Relations

'Israeli and American army doctors are the best in the world'

(Israel Hayom) Special forces from Israel come to American conferences and teach some battlefield medical techniques.


Israeli Economy

Fischer deflects criticism: I care about young couples

(Ynet) Bank of Israel chief says banks invested heavily in real estate market, adding 'if financial system is weak there are no loans'


Science, Technology and Development

Experts: Israel stagnant on wind, renewable energy

(Jpost) Ahead of Global Wind Day, groups call for clearer regulations and incentives for entrepreneurs.


Gov't pushing for 4 natural gas processing facilities by 2013

(Ynet) Cabinet approves plan to expedite construction of two offshore, two land-based processing plants by end of next year


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot says, "Whoever really wants to learn the lessons [regarding State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss's report on the December 2010 Carmel wildfire] and take steps to change the situation, as opposed to going headhunting, can see from the report that the firefighting situation today is also catastrophic and that the same deficiency that has gone on for years is still continuing." The author suggests that, "Within a few days, the report will be tossed into the great trash bin of State Comptroller's reports. The only place in which the report will be mentioned will be in the report on the next disaster, when the next State Comptroller asks why the conclusions of this report were not implemented.  Will Netanyahu, Stenitz and Yishai be hurt by the report? Oh come on, really. When was the last time a minister here was hurt by a major screw-up?"


Ma'ariv professes that, "Heavy weapons, including missiles, are flowing throughout the Middle East to the Sinai peninsula, which obligates Israel to urgently recalibrate its security perspective towards Egypt."