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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, June 14, 2012


Federation Projects in the Israeli Press

Hopelessly devouted to you: Third of NY Jews are Orthodox

(Israel Hayom) UJA-Federation of New York study says there are 1.5 million Jews in eight-county area, including almost half a million Orthodox Jews


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Visually impaired student proves she can too

(Ynet) Orel Plomba, an eighth grader from Kfar Saba develops special braille measuring cup for national 'I Can Too' special needs competition.


Welfare and Social Issues

(In)justice system: Slavery in Israel

(Jpost) In early March, 2012, a Jerusalem district court issued its first conviction under a 2006 anti-slavery law.


IDF embraces Pride Month

(Ynet) Photo of gay troops posted on military's international Facebook page in show of support of gay, lesbian community, garners thousands of 'shares,' 'likes'.


Doctor, lawyer and pilot urges Druze girls to 'be strong'

(Ynet) The first female Druze dentist in Israel is busy with her multiple careers – and dreams of becoming a judge. When she has time, she also flies and judges beauty pageants.


Civil Society

State encourages Israeli employers to drop prejudices, hire Arabs

(Israel Hayom) Prime Minister's Office launches campaign to encourage employers to hire educated non-Jewish job applicants.


Jlem: Hareidi-Secular ‘Love March’ for Unity Despite Differences

(Israel National News) Israelis from across the religious spectrum will take part in a “Love March” on Friday to show unity in the face of differences


Inside out: Equality in the Arab sector

(Jpost) Campaign was designed in response to data showing generally lower levels of employment among Arab university graduates.


Social Protests

Hundreds of South Sudanese migrants voluntarily agree to leave

(Israel Hayom) South Sudanese immigration officials will arrive in Israel next week to coordinate the return of hundreds of their citizens.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

A landmark baby step to religious pluralism

(Times of Israel) Forty years after the ordination of the first female rabbi in the United States, Israel begins to recognize other streams of Judaism.


Where I come from, I’m a Jew

(Times of Israel) For as long as I can remember, I have understood that Israel granted Jews citizenship.


Jewish World

Tzohar and Rabbinate in historic agreement

(Jpost) National-religious Tzohar rabbis say they have agreement with rabbinate to end restrictions on its rabbis conducting weddings.


'Female rabbis slowly gaining recognition'

(Ynet) Reform movement's female rabbis are celebrating ruling that will offer them state funding but for them bigger victory is greater understanding, recognition of their role in community.


Israel Philanthropy

14 years in the making, a Paul Newman ‘fun’ camp for sick children opens in Israel

(Times of Israel) Raising a little hell, with a very serious purpose, at a remarkable new 60-acre camp in the Galilee.


Israel-US Relations

Peres accepts US Presidential Medal of Freedom

(Jpost) “I receive this honor today on behalf of the people of Israel. They are the true recipients of this honor.”


Israeli Economy

The big falafel: Global study shows Tel Aviv more expensive than New York

(Haaretz) Global cost of living comparisons show that it’s more expensive to live in Tel Aviv, than New York.



Israeli wins World Food Prize for 1st time in history

(Jpost) Established in 1987 the prize recognizes “individuals who have contributed landmark achievements in increasing the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world.”


Science, Technology and Development

Solar support

(Jpost) Last week, renewable energy experts from around the world gathered in Herzliya.


Negev mayors call for adoption of cleantech report

(Jpost) "South’s potential is there to be exploited and expanded," says OECD secretary-general.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot discusses the expectation that President Shimon Peres will present US President Barack Obama with a petition in which 70,000 Israelis call on the latter to release Jonathan Pollard. The author says, "With all due respect to Amos Oz, A.B. Yehoshua, Gilad Shalit, Shlomo Artzi and the 70,000 others who signed petition for Jonathan Pollard's release, the chances are slim-to-none that Shimon Peres will bring him back home to Israel," and adds, "Any other result would be a miracle."


Ma'ariv refers to the operation to deport illegal African migrants from Israel and believes that, "On the day they know that the party is over, that Israel is putting a stop to this folly and that the few who enter are being put into tent encampments, in conditions that are less than entirely pleasant, this will be communicated very quickly to friends and family members who are en route. The exodus from Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt will be reduced, if not halted."