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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, May 10, 2012


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Federation Projects in the Israeli Press

3 million (free) books on, PJ Library eyes expansion

(Times of Israel) PJ Library comes to Israel as Sifriyat Pijama


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

New Birthright Trip Brings Older American Jews to Israel

(Israel National News) “Birthright Israel for Boomers” provides older American Jews with an experience identical to that of young adults


New Coalition Knesset

Labor party head calls new coalition deal ‘dirty and disgusting’

(Times of Israel) Shelly Yachimovich in line to become next opposition leader


Shaul Mofaz's political zigzag

(Ynet) Kadima chairman vowed never to join Netanyahu's government just two months ago, called his new coalition partner a liar last January


Welfare and Social Issues

IDF poised to destroy homes of Fogel family killers

(Israel Hayom) Terrorists who killed five members of the Itamar family are behind bars, but now government wants to invoke special measure to punish their family members for having served as accessories in attempted cover-up


Interpol President: 1,000 Cyber Attacks Per Minute in Israel

(Israel National News) Cybercrime a central topic of discussion, as the Israel Police hosts the three-day International Interpol Convention


Civil Society

African residents in south Tel Aviv targeted by second firebomb attack in two weeks

(Haaretz) Two firebombs hurled at a house in Hatikva neighborhood, less than two weeks after similar attack on homes of asylum seekers


Israel’s Beduin

(Jpost) We mustn’t lose sight of the risk that disrespect for the law might spread to other segments of society


Social Protests

In TA, J'lem, protestors rally against unity gov't

(Jpost) Hundreds gather in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem hours after Kadima joins coalition; Livni: Young people deserve value-based politics.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Report: Conservative Movement mulls ordaining gay, lesbian rabbis

(Ynet) Israel's Schechter Rabbinical Seminary to accept gay and lesbian students in the next academic year


Jewish World

3 girls dominate ‘Pirkei Avot Championship’

(Jpost) Female junior high students take top spots at 1st-ever contest measuring knowledge of mishnaic rabbinical commentary.


Rain and marshmallows – Israel ablaze for Lag B'Omer

(Ynet) Hundreds of thousands of Israelis spent Wednesday night around Lag B'Omer bonfires


Israel Advocacy/Relations

Israeli rower sings national anthem a capella after winning gold medal

(Israel Hayom) Moran Samuel, who took home a gold medal at last month's international rowing competition for disabled athletes in Italy, moves audience when she decides to sing Israel's national anthem on her own after Italian organizers failed to prepare a recording


Israel-US Relations

LGBT rights in Israel: 'Pinkwashing' oppression of Palestinians or illuminating the Middle East?

(Haaretz) Michael Oren tells U.S. crowd that while Palestinian suicide bombers blew up Israeli restaurants and buses, Israel provided shelter for LGBT Palestinians


Arts and Culture

Magicians Gather in Israel to Meet, Talk and Make Magic

(Israel National News) Magicians from all over the world got together in Holon for the International Magicians Convention.


Science, Technology and Development

Israeli students win int'l robotics competition

(Ynet) A team from the Savionim middle school in Yahud-Monosson on Sunday won first place in an international Robotics Competition held in Florida.


Top 10 things to see in Israel in Google Street View (Try before you Fly!)

You can check out some of Israel’s must see attractions before you even think about buying a ticket to the Holy Land


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Ma'ariv asserts that the agreement was, "designed to scare away the vultures that were circling Kadima's corpse, scare away the Feiglin supporters from the Likud and hang Livni out to dry at home for one-and-half years while Yair Lapid becomes irrelevant."  The author concludes: "Now we have to wait.  Will our heroes change the electoral system?  Will they draft the ultra-orthodox?  Will they carry out the rulings of the High Court of Justice?  The good news is that we will know soon.  The bad news is that maybe it would be better not to know.  If all of these promises happen, then it will have been worth it.  Really.  And if not?  Then, all in all, we would have here yet another stinking trick in the increasingly smelly history of Israeli politics."


Yisrael Hayom contends that, "It is the obligation of any honest person – to begin a discussion regarding the military enlistment of the ultra-Orthodox with the question of the place of the Torah world in Israel society."