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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, April 25, 2012


JFNA in the Israeli Press

'Mega Mission to Israel' Affirms Jewish Identity

(Israel National News) Hundreds of people will travel to Israel on "Mega Mission Israel 2012,” the largest Jewish Federation mission to Israel in over a decade.


‘Miami Mega Israel’ trip due to arrive for Independence Day

(Times of Israel) More than 700 people, aged 22-88, will form the largest Jewish Federation mission in 17 years


Yom Hazikaron

126 security personnel died in service in past year

(Jpost) Netanyahu to propose NIS 40 million memorial hall at Mount Herzl to honor nation's fallen.

My private memory

(Israel Hayom) Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz


The club no one wants to belong to

(Jpost) I just hope and pray that the dreaded club I joined 10 years ago will soon be closed to new members.


Yom Haatzmaut

(YouTube) PM Netanyahu's Message for Israel's 64th Independence Day


Celebrating Israeli Independence Day in the Diaspora

(Jpost) Independence Day celebrations in the Diaspora mirror the excitement and enthusiasm of celebrating in Israel.


Five ways to commemorate Israel’s important days

(Times of Israel) Artistic avenues for internalizing this dramatic period in the national calendar


Welfare and Social Issues

Demonstrators set up Camp Sucker in J'lem

(Jpost) Demonstrators set up a Camp Sucker ("Frier") in Jerusalem's Wohl Rose Park on Saturday in protest against IDF draft-exemptions given to the ultra-orthodox community


Israeli citizens abroad don't need to vote, they're absent for a reason

(Haaretz) You don't need New York to understand Israelis' lukewarm commitment to civic engagement. Electoral turnout has been in a steady decline.



Israeli held in Egypt reportedly to be released this week

(Times of Israel) Ouda Tarabin, a Bedouin Israeli, has been imprisoned on espionage charges since 2000


Civil Society

Arabs Stab Young Jew in Jerusalem

(Israel National News) Haredi-religious man, around 20, stabbed near Tomb of Shimon HaTzaddik. He is conscious. Two suspects arrested.


Aliyah and Immigration

Candidly Speaking: On aliya, Independence Day

(Jpost) The past few weeks epitomize the contrasting emotions of sadness and exhilaration which embody the Jewish people.


Aliyah? Fuggedaboudit

(Haaretz) It seems the disappearance from the agenda of returning to Zion is not seen in the United States as a crisis or even a problem, just as a natural phenomenon one must get used to.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

PM: Jews' fate 'intimately bound' with Israel's

(Jpost) Prime minister tells CNN that Israel does not seek to dominate anyone, seeks to live in peace with its neighbors.



School fosters coexistence even when national narratives collide

(Times of Israel) On Independence Day, Jerusalem school shows it’s OK for Jewish, Arab students to have differences



Erdan, Landau lead Earth Day activities in schools

(Jpost) "Every drop of electricity or energy, which increasingly being wasted in vain, also counts," Netanyahu says.


Science, Technology and Development

Google Street View catches the beauty and hardships of Jerusalem's Old City

(Haaretz) Jerusalem was photographed by the Google team in October and November of 2011, using its specially-adapted vehicle.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot suggests that, "The term 'Jewish state' is under attack by three groups: Religious, Nationalist and Liberal," and adds that, "The first two would like to take it for themselves while the third is interested in cancelling it."  The author reminds his readers that, "We are a young state; 64 years is the blink of an historic eye," and believes that, "Extremism in mood and the rejection of complexity may, therefore, be attributed to our being adolescents in our sovereign life."  The paper concludes: "The illusion that it is either possible or desirable to decide between Judaism and democracy must dissipate.  Without a Jewish identity, we have no right to exist.  Without a democratic identity, it would be impossible to exist."


Ma'ariv believes that, "Thanks to the proximity of Remembrance Day [for the Fallen of Israel's Wars] and Independence Day, the memory of the fallen is preserved as something very significant for the entire population, not just for the bereaved families."  The author adds, "With all due respect to the difficulties and the pain of the bereaved families," vis-à-vis the immediate and sharp transition from Remembrance Day to Independence Day, "the proximity of the two days and the idea and message behind it cannot be changed."