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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, April 19, 2012


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

US immigrant receives IDF Award of Excellence

(Israel Hayom) (JAFI) Cpl. Maya Liss, a U.S. citizen, immigrated to Israel with the help of Nefesh B’Nefesh and received an award for excellence from the Israel Defense Forces Personnel Directorate


Holocaust images

(Jpost) Leading up to Holocaust Remembrance Day, the media focuses on severe poverty of many survivors.


Holocaust Memorial Day

"From Generation to Generation" - The Story of Yisrael Aviram

(Israel national news) See and hear the story of Yisrael Aviram (Kalisky), a Holocaust survivor who later immigrated to Israel.

Caring for survivors

(Israel Hayom) The Holocaust is not just history. People who experienced it in their lifetimes are still among us


Welfare and Social Issues

One survivor's battle with bureaucracy

(Jpost) Zvi Unger says he's waiting two years for his Holocaust restitution to be transferred from Claims Conference to a gov't agency.


Civil Society

Israel pleased 'flytilla' fails to disrupt airport

(Jpost) Most activists held at points of departure; PM thanks Aharonovitch, police commanders for avoiding violence.


Citizen Shalit

(Times of Israel) Released Hamas captive officially completes his army service


Jewish World

If Jews left Egypt today, many would be barred entry

(Jpost) Simply put: The Interior Ministry would keep them out.


Remembrance Day should also look to future

(Jpost) Are we waiting for another Hitler to unite us? Is that what it is going to take? God forbid!


Israel-US Relations

UN to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day for first time

(Israel Hayom) U.S. Ambassador Daniel Shapiro in special message: Today we stand our ground and resolutely declare, never again.


From El Paso to Ra’anana: A gift of comfort to honor a fallen IDF soldier

(Times of Israel) A West Texas quilting bee sends a long distance embrace


Science, Technology and Development

Israeli website sets to make 'Dr. Google' give better medical advice

(Haaretz) Israeli firm launches Treato, a search platform that aggregates billions of user-generated medical posts and pulls out their meaning with proprietary algorithms.


Web journal presents Israeli health policy to world

(Jpost) New open-access online journal seeks to promote intellectual interactions between scholars in Israel and abroad.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yisrael Hayom refers to Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day and asks, "Where did those young people find the courage, the strength, the determination to live for two years in the forests, to be hunted by those who slaughtered their families and to hunt them?  To awaken each dawn without knowing that you will see the dusk.  To lose the friends who fought at your side without knowing if tomorrow it will be you.  And after the war they immigrated to Israel and built homes and raised families.  But the families remained small because so many remained there.  The Holocaust survivors arrived to their safe harbors, and with them the former partisans, living witnesses to heroism, who have lived here in quiet and in modesty, under an ever-present heavy shadow.  In the past years they have begun to leave us.  Indeed a generation is disappearing.  Every day in the streets or in a public park or in a hospital corridor, we do not really discern them.  We do not know which of the elderly were there, or perhaps even fought there.  But they are the generation which brought us into the world.  They are the generation which allowed this country to come into being.  They are worthy of a bow of respect.  This is a generation which we must not forget.  Ever."


Yediot Ahronot notes that, "In order to ensure the existence and stability of the banks, and assure their account holders, the Bank of Israel and the Finance Ministry recently decided to formulate an innovative new document of principles."  The author remarks that, "In the US, 250 banks have closed in the last two years; 4,000 banks have gone bankrupt and have been closed in dozens of countries since the height of the financial crisis in 2008.  In Israel, not one bank has closed."